Friday, June 5, 2009


So what kind of tests do they do on you when the sides of your neck are swollen and tender and you feel as though your throat is going to close up at any moment? They do a strep test. Which, as most of you know, is a simple swabbing with a five inch q-tip looking swab down the back of your throat. Which, obviously, will make you gag and sometimes uncontrolably *blush*.

The nurse came back to say that the strep test was negative. So what do they test for now? The flu, of course! The next thing they do is open another q-tip looking swab and, rather surprisingly, ram it up your nostril. And if that's not enough, they do the other nostril too. Who would have ever thought that would happen today? Not me. It was a very unpleasant experience, I must say. Come to find out, the flu test wasn't even necessary. Turns out my strep test was actually postive....not negative....someone hold that nurse down so I can swab HER nostrils!!!! Oh well, she was just doing her j*b, right?

So what will we do now? Shot? Oral medications? Why not both? Yeah, one shot in the bum and a prescription too. Followed by a couple days of bed rest. The earliest memory I have of getting a shot, other than in my arm *sigh*, is at Doctor Maddy's office. I guess that's how you spell his name. I was only three. Anyway, I always received a sucker after my shots. No such luck today. The only thing I received today was a bill. But that's'll make me all better, right?

And I don't like running fevers. It seems that you're always too hot or too cold. If I cover up I get hot and clammy. If I throw the covers off I get chilled to the bone. I thought Tylen*l was supposed to help with fever.

I've never had strep before and hope I never get it again. And after the whole nostril swabbing, I don't want the flu either!