Friday, June 19, 2009

Justin's Birthday

Justin had classes yesterday at the college but when he got home I took him out to lunch at Mi Pueblito. It was really good and we had a great time. I'm still shaking my head that he's seventeen. *sigh*

Anyway, we stopped at Wal Mart to pick up a few things he wanted for his birthday dinner. It was so hot yesterday and I was thrilled to know that he wanted hoagies and I wasn't going to have to cook.

Since daddy is in the hospital it was just mom and Marie that made it last night. But it was still a nice time. We missed having daddy there. And I know he missed being here. You know, we got to thinking....daddy has been in the hospital more on Justin's birthday than at any other time. June is just not a good month for dad.

You can click here to see Justin's birthday pics.

Hannah will be home very soon. Like within the hour. It will be so good to see her sweet little face!!