Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Saturday Enjoyments

Mom's occupational therapy is to help her get back into the routine of what she was doing before her accident.  So part of her therapy Saturday morning, I had her sit at the piano for as long as she could stand it.  As soon as I wheeled her to the piano she began to cry.  It was really sweet.
I didn't tell her that she would be having company that night.  The Turner family showed up with pizza and she was so excited to see them walk through the door.
Taylor had made some of her cupcakes and was squirting mom in the mouth with cream cheese icing.
As we sat around the table to eat she was very emotional again, being home and having family and friends around her table.
My honey-lamb.
We had Taylor's mini cupcakes for dessert.  Red Velvet.  They were so yummy.  Thanks, Taylor!
We spent the rest of the evening playing Phase 10 and sharing way too many laughs.  We had a really wonderful time!  So thankful for good friends and good fellowship.