Thursday, July 18, 2013

Birds, Walking, Camp, and Mayberry.

This little fella didn't stay around long.

Back in the spring his mother began building that nest.  It wasn't too long and mom and dad were both working on making a safe, sturdy place.  Next thing we knew there were sounds of baby birds chirping off and on through the day when the mom or dad would come by to feed the babies.  It was so sweet and I loved watching their little family.  Eventually the sound of one little bird was left and it was this guy.  I watched him for a couple of days stand on the edge of the nest, gearing up for his first flight.  He was so sweet!

I'll admit I was kind of sad when he finally ventured out and never came back.
Mom received a good report at her doctor's visit yesterday.  He told her she could start putting weight on her leg again.  So as soon as her therapy started yesterday afternoon, they had her up walking with the parallel bars.  This is fantastic!  We're one more day closer to her being home and more independent. 
Harrison leaves for camp next Monday. He goes to Harvest every year and went earlier this summer. He's excited about going to this new camp.  I'm sure he'll have a great time.
Bruce and I are hoping to get out of town for the day this Saturday.  My birthday was July 1st and I told him I wanted to go to Mount Airy to the town of Mayberry.  So unless something happens, that's our plans.  I'm looking forward to spending the day with my husband and slipping back in time for a few hours.