Monday, July 8, 2013

She Didn't Move

Mom didn't move today.  She is doing wonderful, but the other facility said they gave her bed away and would have one for her tomorrow.  I guess they were taking too long to release her at the hospital.  The other place likes new patients there by 2:00pm.  So we try again tomorrow.  I have a photo shoot tomorrow at 12:00, so I went ahead and took everything but her suitcase and bathrobe for her move tomorrow and I'll see her tomorrow evening after she's settled. 

Hannah and Harrison are spending the evening out together, Bruce is working, and Justin doesn't live here anymore.  So I'm home alone doing laundry and chilling by myself for a while.  I'll be speaking at a ladies meeting in August and this is a great time to be working on that. 

This is the second meeting He has allowed me to speak at this year and I am very humbled and feel very unworthy.  The first one was at a church we went to when I first moved here as a child.

It was good to see familiar faces and get to know a few new ones.  It was a blessing and it was an encouragement to ME!  So I'm looking forward to this next one, although I must admit, I am pretty nervous about it too.

Something else mom missed this year was Hannah's graduation... 
     ...and her birthday, turning eighteen years old.  Yep, she's an adult now. 

She's gonna kill me when she sees I put her picture on here still in her jammies.  LOL
It's hard to cut those apron strings, but she makes it kind of easy.  Her dad and I are VERY proud of the young lady she has become.  We've trained her to seek God's will for her life and believe she's doing that now.  She is a wonderful daughter and a true Christian young lady and we love her very much.  She's working a job now and plans to go back to her college studies in the fall.

Justin bought a new car.  It was a big step for him but it looks great and he loves his new ride.  He's sort of looking for a small house on some land to purchase.  Which would be good for him, as long as he could find something in his price range.  He may wait until he pays his car off before doing that.  But he's off to a good start.
Did I tell you he's doing correspondence for Bible college?  I can't remember.  But he is, and seems to be doing good at that, on top of working full time at his regular job and part time at the department.
He also turned 21 last month. 
 Let me explain the pic.  See, I had this ice cream cake made for him by a young lady in our church who does cakes on the side.  Delicious cakes!  Anyway, I forgot to buy candles!  So when Justin came by for his birthday lunch I had no candles for his cake.  Just minutes before he arrived, his dad ran out to his shop and made a two and a one and spray painted them silver, with two small holes for matches.  LOL  I told Justin he was probably the only person to ever have matches on his cake as candles.  He said, "No.  There's probably some other redneck family out there who has used matches for candles on their cake too." Cracked us up. 
Huge deal for me, him turning 21.  But I'm handling it all well, I think.  We've trained all of our children to follow God's leading and I pray that as he moves forward in his life he will always remember that training, and to always allow God to lead in every aspect of His life.  He won't regret a thing if He does.
Recently, Bruce and I took a little trip down the road and had a picnic at a place called Glendale Shoals.  It was pretty there. 
 The property was an old mill in the community that really kept the community thriving.  Some of the old structure is still standing.
 There is a beautiful bridge and waterfall too.  People from all around the area come to wade and play in the water.
 The smoke stacks are in perfect condition for their age.  At least they appear to be. 
 We wanted to go up inside one of them or the other towers, but they have been gutted and so you just have to use your imagination. 
 We have no idea what this was, only that it was part of the mill. 
 I actually did an engagement shoot here a while back.  It was a lot of fun and with the last couple to be married this spring/summer.  We had a good time on this shoot. 
And that's all for today.  Time to put some clothes in the dryer and work on my lesson for the ladies meeting. 
Still keeping faith that tomorrow will be a moving day for mom!  Thank you all for continued prayers!