Friday, July 5, 2013

A Little Catching Up

I turned 42 last week.  That was fun.  Bruce grilled steaks and invited his mom over.  I loved it.  Just wish my mama could have been here too.  She always enjoys coming for our birthday dinners. 
Justin had to work and we missed him, but he made up for it on his next day off with a sweet visit.
Bruce is planning on taking me to Mt. Airy soon.  That's actually what I wanted to do for my birthday.  So when mama gets things settled in at her new rehab facility, we'll slip off for the day. 

Speaking of mom, unless things go hay-ninny again, she'll be moving to the new rehab Monday.  Very excited about this next move!  We'll be on the fast track to rehabilitation! 

Hannah is working for Chick-fil-A now.  She loves her job and they are a great company to work for. 

Harrison is enjoying his summer.  He's already been to one camp and is planning on another soon.  He's spending time with friends right now and I'm sure they will be in a ton of mischief this weekend.   

Justin is still working for a company in Gaffney and doing his time at the fire department.  He bought a new car recently and is living on his own at my mom's house.  He'll be taking care of things until mom comes back home later in the fall or until he finds another place to live.

It looks as though Bruce may be going to first shift soon.  This will be a HUGE change in our home, considering for the last twenty years, he's worked swing shifts or permanent second or third.  We have no idea if and when it is actually going to happen.  But if and when it does, we'll be very happy. 

The photography business has been good.  I sure can't complain.  Still taking pictures and still enjoying it.  Three weddings this Spring between March and June.  The first couple just found out they're expecting their first baby.  We're all very happy and excited for them. 

 The second couple is working and enjoying their summer, awaiting the time when he returns to Bible college in the fall.
And the third couple is the newest of the newlyweds.  Lovin' life and enjoying marriage.

 It's been a good run of beautiful weddings.  I've enjoyed each one.  Praying for these new couples as they begin their lives together.  Love them all and want to see many blessings fall on them.