Sunday, July 7, 2013

She's Moving Tomorrow... Unless She Doesn't.

I feel like I've been gone forever from this place and have returned "home." 

I'll be leaving early in the morning to stay with my mother for a couple of hours.  Lord willing, they will be moving her to the new rehabilitation facility.  I will be so glad to see her moved and her rigorous therapy started.

We had such a wonderful visit yesterday.  She looked beautiful, her cheeks were full of color, we laughed and talked and shared some things about the Lord with each other.  It was sweet.  She was able to pull herself up on the side of the bed and with the help of the physical therapist, she was able to stand up and then sit in her wheel chair.  They wouldn't let me push her off the floor she's on, but I did get to push her around the halls on her floor.  It was sweet to see how excited she got to see some of the trees in the parking lot in full bloom.  I wish I could have taken her onto the patio for a little bit.  But maybe we can do that at the new place.  It'll be good for her to get some fresh air!
This picture was taken just a few days after her surgery.  We had just come from the kid's awards banquet at church.  It was the first one she's missed in nine years, since Justin was in SIGMA.  She was so sad.
 The next two were taken a couple of weeks ago when we were out celebrating my friend's birthday.  We had a good visit and some good laughs. 
 We made her wear Amanda's angel wings and halo.  Isn't she cute?  LOL  She's gonna whip me when she sees I put this on here.
She was having problems with her blood pressure being too low this morning.  They took her off a nitro-patch, her bp meds, and water pills.  It seems to be rising again.  Her temperature got down to 95 and was falling, but it's going back up too.  So we're very thankful for that.
She was to learn Psalm 19:3 this week and tomorrow I'll have another verse for her to learn and focus on. 
So tomorrow she moves.  Unless, of course, she doesn't.  Which is a possibility if they can't get her bp regulated.  But I'm going to the hospital in faith that she's moving!!  :)

Psalm 19:3 "There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard."