Friday, August 2, 2013

Bending Isn't Always A Good Thing

I took mom to her orthopedic doctor yesterday.  The report wasn't wonderful, as we had hoped.  She had been doing so good walking.  Even walked from the examination room to the x-ray room and back. 

The x-ray showed that the plate in her leg is bending.  Which means the bone hasn't healed enough for her to be walking yet.  She was told partial to no weight on the leg for another month.  During the next few weeks she'll have to wear a bone stimulator, which will help with healing. The hope is that the next time she has an x-ray it will show no more bending of the plate.  If there is bending, surgery to replace the plate is a big possibility.  If that's the case, she will be starting at square one. 

She had an appointment with the Infectious Disease doctor this afternoon.  He went ahead and put her on an antibiotic.  Not because she has any infection, but to keep her from getting one during the next few weeks.  It's a precautionary measure. If she were to get another infection, it would most likely gravitate to her hardware.  Bacteria will stick to metal so we certainly don't want that!

Her spirits were really low yesterday and kind of today.  But she's doing good.  She knows there's nothing she can do but wait it out.  So over the next few weeks, that's what she's going to do.  She's going to wait it out, obey the doctors, and Lord willing she'll receive positive news at her next ortho visit.

I've missed my Harrison.  I've seen Hannah and Justin, but haven't seen much of Harry since he came back from camp.  Hopefully I'll get to sit down and talk to him a bit tomorrow about how camp and vbs was for him.  My brother is staying with mom a couple of days next week so I'll get to spend some time with Harry and get things ready for the school year.  I need to order a few things, but nothing major this year. 

Hannah is enrolled for fall semester.  She is very excited to get started.  And Justin has some things in the work.  Praying the Lord will bless them both.