Thursday, August 8, 2013

An Overdue New Do

Mom had a big day yesterday.  We had a visit from Missy, our hairdresser for the last ten years or so.  She was so sweet to come out here to the house and wash and dry mom's hair.  Mom likes to keep her hair short.  She actually had an appointment with Missy the day of her first surgery when she broke her leg.  But of course never made that appointment.  SO!  It's been several months since she's had a hair cut and this one was way overdue. 
She was one happy person with her new do. 

Just as Missy was finishing up with mom's hair, Amanda showed up with the girls.  They brought some blond brownies and played UNO with mom.  The little girls were thrilled when they would win a game.  I'm glad they came.  It was a good visit.

Not too long after they left, a dear friend stopped by to sit with mom while I went to church.  I thought it was very sweet of her to do that.  Mom said it was a relaxing visit with Mrs. Velda. 

I'm thankful the house was buzzing with good friends, but mom sure was tired last night.  And as if her day couldn't get any better with friends, brownies, and a new do, when I got to church, I was handed her new iPad to bring home to her.  Oh, she was thrilled!  I got it set up for her and she's been on facebook and Spider Solitaire ever since the battery was charged.  I think she feels connected to the world again.

Hannah is staying with mom tonight while I shoot an event in Grover at the Inn of the Patriots Bed and Breakfast.  The owner is a former White House Chef under Bill Clinton and is having an event tonight with other chefs.  So I'm excited about this shoot.

I have a wedding Saturday in Marion, NC and I'm really looking forward to this one.  I have yet to meet the bride and groom, but I know it's going to be a very sweet and special wedding.  We've been corresponding through emails over facebook and I can't wait to meet them.

Looking forward to the weekend and all the Lord has in store for us.