Monday, August 5, 2013

Home for a Couple of Days

My brother John came over Sunday afternoon and is staying with mom until Tuesday.  He has bouts with his MS so I texted him this morning to see how things were going and his reply was: "We are fine. After the breakfast dishes are washed, she is going to make my bed and then fix me lunch..."  He's such a nut.  I know they're having a good time together.

Mom is suppose to get her bone stimulator, but I haven't heard anything about that yet, even though the doctor said it needed to be done soon.  We're waiting on a call from his office to find out when that will be. Pray we get that call soon.

After church last night I was so tired we left immediately after service.  Which is kind of unheard of for us.  We're usually the ones standing in the sanctuary when the lights are being turned out. It was just Bruce and me so we drove to DQ for a bite of supper and then Sonic for their 1/2 off after 8:00pm milkshake. They have some very good and some very interesting flavors for the summer if you happen to be out one evening and want something for your sweet tooth.

I gotta say it was real nice sleeping in my own bed last night, next to my sweetie pie.  Today I was able to cook my family lunch (in my own kitchen), which I haven't been able to do in quite some time, considering all we've been up to lately.  The kids and Bruce seemed glad to have a real home cooked meal instead of canned ravioli, Banquet meals, or turkey sandwiches.

Laundry is done, boys have had hair cuts, kitchen is cleaned for the evening, and we're watching Anne of Green Gables for the one millionth time.  It's been a good day.  As soon as we're finished watching Anne, we'll get down school books and see what all needs to be ordered for this year.  If I'm not mistaken, all I have to order are chapter tests.  That would be nice! 

A couple of years ago Bruce cracked his tooth on a piece of sausage eating pizza from Pizza Hut.  That tooth ended up needing to be pulled and he was not happy about that.  So imagine his disappointment when he bit into a Wiener Works hamburger this past Friday and cracked the same tooth on the opposite side of his mouth. Poor guy. The good news is, they were able to put a crown on it instead of pulling it.  He was glad about that.

For the last couple of years my mom has had a difficult time keeping her house cool during the summer.  Usually during the hottest part of the day it would get up into the high 80's, sometimes even 90's.  She's had a company come out a couple of times and take a look and this time, that same company, Roland Black, came out and said her air handler was out and it was going to cost her $2700 to replace it.  That was very disappointing and very discouraging for her.  She was going to have him do it until her neighbor and Bruce and me and John suggested she get a second opinion.  We contacted a man that does a lot of heating and air repair for our church, Mark Hamrick, and he came out with much better news!  After looking at things he did agree that mom's air handler had to be replaced, but he also showed Bruce pictures from under the house where all of mom's vents had fallen to the ground and she's basically been cooling under the house the last couple of years.  Roland Black never bothered to tell her that.  Mr. Hamrick also said the battery in her main unit was out and that the fuse for her air was blown.  He replaced the fuse, the battery, hung up all of her vents and replaced her air handler for $1250.  He saved her fifteen hundred dollars compared to Roland Black and when she called Roland Black to tell them, the man that was working her order replied, "Well good luck with that."  We have been so cold over there it's crazy.  I mean COLD!  It took us a few days to figure out where just the right temperature should be set.  But it's definitely cooler and we were thanking the LORD for sending someone honest our way to do all that work.  It sure makes for better sleeping at night, I know that!  :)