Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wonderful Weekend

This was a very good weekend.  We had much to celebrate and much to thank the Lord for.
Besides seeing two people saved in the services Sunday, we had a great blessing Sunday night when this dear family followed the Lord into baptism.  They have been coming for quite some time.
The mother was saved several months ago, followed by her two sons, her daughter, and then her husband.
This is the daughter.  She is a sweet girl.  
This mom has prayed many prayers and has seen God save her entire household.  I can't even begin to tell you how it felt to see them all baptized at one time.
Eager to see what the Lord does in their lives.  They have been a blessing to watch as they grow in the Lord.
Sunday night, Mrs. Anna had a celebration with our Sunday School class for her husband, Brother Dusty.  He received his Masters of Science in Theology.  Loved his cake.
Congratulations, Brother Dusty.  I didn't know you could do it. LOL
We had another blessing last night seeing Brother Clint and Mrs. Donna Kerns.  Always a joy to see them and hear them sing.  Love these two blessings!  And my Pastor, of course.  :)
Friday was Hannah's 17th birthday.  We celebrated by having her best friend over Friday and then Saturday we met the grandmothers at Sweet Frog in Gastonia.  If you've never heard of Sweet Frog, it is a yogurt bar and it is GOOD!
Big Daddy, Little Hannah...
My yogurt was yummy!  It was made to perfection. ;)
You grab the size bowl you want, fill it up with all the yogurt flavors you want...
Pile on the toppings you want...
and create a yogurt masterpiece.  Good stuff.  If you haven't tried it, swing by there.  I know you'll love it.
For her birthday, Justin bought Hannah this shirt from Sweet Frog.  We thought it was cute.
Fully Rely On God.  Now every time I see a frog, that's what I'll think of.
Hannah and her buddy, Taylor. :)  What a crazy pair these two are!
Taylor made Hannah this beautiful picture keeper to hang on her wall.  This picture doesn't do it justice.  Hannah loved it and has it hanging on her bedroom wall with lots of fun photos on it.
She had a great birthday and I am so proud of her and the girl she is...the woman she is becoming.
Another milestone in her life this week, was when we went to order her class ring, as she'll be a senior next year.  Can't wait for it to arrive.
Friday night we attended a graduation service for some pretty cool kindergartners.  They attend a Christian school in the area and we actually knew several of them.  So it was fun to see them "in action" as they received their diplomas.
Aren't they cute?
And Saturday night we had our Patch/Sigma Bowl.  In the past it has been the Patch class that goes against the parents at the end of the year on Bible trivia.  But this year, Brother Johnathan and Mrs. Jennifer combined Patch and Sigma lessons.  The topic during this year was Old Testament Survey.  At the end of the year, the Patch team would go against the Sigma youth on their knowledge of Old Testament Survey.  I just knew the patch kids were going to stomp Sigma.  But nope, Sigma pulled it through and there you have it. This was the first time in nine years, I think, that Patch did not win the Patch Bowl.  And being on the losing end of that bowl for eight years, I must say it felt good to see Sigma take it.  :)  This was the best Patch Bowl we've ever had.  Brother Johnathan and Mrs. Jennifer did a spectacular job!
Top Ten: Kayson (not pictured), Gracie, Mary Elizabeth, Haili, Hannah, Robin, Dylan, Mason, Matt, and Harrison.
Hannah and Harry took top scorer for the boys and girls.
And Harrison's team won for team points. 
Hannah brought home the Esther Award.
And top scorer for the girls in Sigma.  I don't know what she said to Pastor but it cracked him up.  LOL
Top scorer, of course, placed her in the top ten.
Besides Top scorer, Harrison also took the trophe for saying the most verses this year. Proud of him for that.  I wanted this picture with Mrs. Kim.  After the banquet, I no longer have any children in the Patch the Pirate program.  I was very sad about that.  Mrs. Kim has helped in this particular class since Justin's time in that class and I appreciate her so much.  She is faithful and a godly testimony to the children in her class.  I will be so sad not to have children under her leadership.  But I know that every child passing through her class will be a special child in her eyes and they will benefit, just by having her in the class room. 
Thank you, Mrs. Kim, for everything you have done for all three of my children.  You are truly a blessing to this family!
Although I am sad that Harrison will be losing Brother Johnathan and Mrs. Jennifer as his Patch teachers, I am thrilled beyond words that he will be gaining them as his Sigma youth leaders.  These two have taken the bull by the horns, so to speak, and have run the race well being over the fourth, fifth, and six grader Patch class, and also Sigma. 
They have done a FANTASTIC job and I appreciate every minute and sacrifice they have made for these classes.  I love you both...and your little boys too!
: o)
Wonderful weekend!