Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Coat I Wear

Once again, another blog post inspired by Facebook.  I can't help it.  Some things just make you think and you have to say it in a blog post because it's much too long for a status and then other facebook friends complain that it's too long for a status.  SO!  A blog post, my thinking becomes.  Which sometimes, can be quite dangerous when you think about it.  Or rather....  when *I* think about it. 

Anyway, they posted Matthew 6:1, "Take heed that you do not your alms before men, to be seen of them; otherwise, ye have no reward of your Father which is in Heaven."  The verse was captioned with my friend's thought, "I wonder how many Christians wear it like a high dollar wardrobe."

That got the wheels turning in my head.  Which was a good thing, I assure you.  I understand he was wondering about who wears their coat as one of the modern day Pharisees.  But his thought made me think of the coat I wear and what it means to me. 

I thought about the parable of the Wedding Banquet (Matthew 22:1-14).  There are those who have rejected the invitation to the marriage supper of The Lamb.  They have turned their backs to Him completely, going about their everyday business, as though they haven't the time or need for Him.  And then there are those that have accepted and wear the proper attire.  They will be there in garments bright and fair, greeted with a smile and open arms.  Unfortunately, there will also be those that show up who have not actually accepted Him, wearing the garments of flesh and world.  They will be rejected.  Turned away from the marriage supper, never to be seen again.

I remember when I first put on this new coat I wear.  I was fourteen years old.  Holy Ghost conviction fell on me one morning when I was asked to give my testimony of when I was saved.  It was like a light was turned on and I realized that I had no testimony of that time and place when I prayed, repented of my sins, and accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior.  Come to think of it, it was THE Light that was turned on in my thinking and that shined a light on my darkened heart.

As I think back to that moment, and as I "look" at the coat I wear today, it is no longer tattered and torn.  It no longer stinks and is no longer dirty.  It is one stained with the blood of my Savior.  Paid with a price that is far above what I could think or ask...or pay.

This new coat keeps me humble, for the simple fact that without it, I know I would spend eternity in a literal, burning Hell.  If it were not for His grace and mercy, I would have no beautiful coat to wear.  I would be lost without it, depending on my works to get me into Heaven.  Just as the king provided garments for his guests, it is God that provides salvation for man.

I read something in an article, not long ago, I thought it would fit well with this post: "When the religions of the world are stripped down to their basic tenets, we either find man working his way toward God, or we find the cross of Christ.  The cross is the only way to salvation.  Our wedding garment is Jesus Christ, Himself, and unless we put Him on, we will miss the wedding feast." 

I also thought of the song, Two Coats.  They use to sing it at church but we haven't heard it in a while.  This is how it goes:
Two coats were before me, the old and the new
I asked my sweet Master, what must I do
The first coat was ugly, so tattered and torn
The other a new coat, had never been worn

The first man was earthly, and raised from the ground
We bore on his image, the whole world around
The next was my Savior from Heaven so fair
He gave me this new coat you now see me wear

Now this coat, it suits me, it keeps me so warm
It's good in the winter and it's good in the storm
My Savior has blessed me with a garment so rare
He gave me this new coat you now see me wear

I tell you the best thing I ever did do
I took off the old coat and put on the new
I tell you the best thing I ever did do
I took off the old coat and put on the new