Monday, May 7, 2012

And There Ya Have It

Far as I know there were nine or eleven of us that got baptized.  I was a nervous wreck.  You wouldn't believe some of the things the devil put in my mind about what could happen.  Thinking on them now I laugh at myself, but at the time, I wasn't laughing.  I have also been sick with a head cold.  My ears are stopped up and I told Pastor I thought I'd just wait until next month and if I did, it wasn't because I was ingoring his counsel.  He said he understood, and then JOKINGLY remarked that I had been in rebellion this long, one more month wouldn't matter.  LOL  But during the service, Pastor wanted Brother Mark Leonard to preach.  He preached on the "The Other Side" and said that when God wants us on the other side, He will get us there, no matter what.  I knew God wanted me to be baptized and that sick or not, He would take care of it.  So at the close of the service when Pastor called for those getting baptized, I stepped out and went.  I'm glad I did.  The devil can never bother me about it again!   
 Not my favorite picture, but hey, I'm alive.
 It was a blessing watching Harrison get baptized also.  It thrilled my heart to see my youngest follow Christ into baptism.  Praying for him that he will continue following Christ's footsteps in everything he says and does. 
Thankful for friends that prayed for me and my silly insecurities.  Thankful for Brother Tony Hutson for preaching the way he did on baptism.  Thankful for the Holy Spirit's conviction in my heart to make that step, left behind years ago. 
God is good!