Thursday, June 30, 2011

When My Heart Is Overwhelmed

Meetin' got on at church last night. Many were at the alter getting their hearts mended and receiving strength from the Lord when they so desperately need it. We have a couple in our church whose eighteen year old grandson was placed in Hospice yesterday because of cancer. Their hearts are very heavy and they need much prayer. Several others with heavy burdens needing exactly what God gave them last night.
Pastor had a sermon prepared, but his sermon took another direction and he ended up preaching from Psalm 61:1-5, "Hear my cry, O God; attend unto my prayer. From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I. For thou hast been a shelter for me, and a strong tower from the enemy. I will abide in thy tabernacle for ever: I will trust in the covert of thy wings. Selah. For thou, O God, hast heard my vows: thou hast given me the heritage of those that fear thy name."
What a wonderful passage of Scripture for hurting hearts and restless minds! When our hearts are so overwhelmed with whatever trial we happen to be going through, we have a God that will attend to our very need. He will shelter us from the things that will bring us down and He will deliver us in our hour of need.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Be Ye Holy

I Peter 1:15&16 "But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation; Because it is written, BE YE HOLY; FOR I AM HOLY."

Reading in I Peter this morning, I was actually doing a little personal study on being kept by the power of God. But I ran across the verses above and could not pull myself away from them.

Several years ago, when Justin was a little guy and Hannah was just a thought, I was floundering around in Christianity. Straddling the fence, if you will. My conversation was not the same as it is today and I was not striving to live that holy and separated life as a child of God.

Looking back from where I was to where I am today, there are people that God placed in my life to help shape my heart and guide me toward Him.

It took me much too long to get to "this place" in my relationship with Him. And I still have a very long way to go. Don't we all? But how does one become holy as HE is holy? When do we reach holiness as HIS holiness? Well, obviously when we live like Him and live by His Word.

When I think of the word, holy, the word, perfect, immediately comes to mind. However, as I was looking up the meaning of the word, holy, I realized that my outlook on being holy was all wrong. It's not about striving to live a perfect life. You know why? Because we can't. And God knows that. We are wrapped up in too much flesh and bones to be perfect. I'm not saying we should not strive to be perfect as He is perfect because His life was lived as prime example as how we should live. But to live a holy life means we should be living a life that inspires other believers to live for Him.

Are we setting an example to the believers around us? Do they look at us and admire us for our stand, or roll their eyes and think to themselves, "Yeah, they profess Christianity, but if they can go to those kinds of parties..." or "...but if they can wear those clothes..." or "...but if they can listen and quotes lyrics to that music" then I can too.

How are we inspiring holiness?

When I look at that verse, "Be ye holy; for I am holy" I can't get away from that word for. It doesn't say for us to be holy "AS" I am holy. But FOR I am holy. He wants us to live just like Him. We can't do that and live for the world. God is not the author of confusion, and yet His children are doing a great job confusing the world.

Be ye holy is a commandment in this verse. FOR I AM HOLY is the reason why. He wants us to live our lives as He lived His life, to inspire other Christians to live like Him also.

If Christians would live a holy life, inspiring each other to live for Him, we would see a change in our own lives, our homes, our churches, and our world.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Junior Campers

Ashley and I took the juniors to camp yesterday. This is the same camp where Justin and Jeremy are working for the summer.

It was good to see my boy. He said his first week of camp with juniors was excellent. The Lord blessed and thirteen got saved. I believe he said two of those, the Lord let him lead to Christ. He's looking forward to the next few weeks and what God has in store for him and the campers.

I got our girls settled in. They were a little nervous, but very excited about the upcoming week at camp.

I was able to make sure the boys got settled into their cabin also. They were really happy to find out that they were in the same cabin and that Justin would be their counselor.

It made the girls a little more comfortable, too, knowing Justin would be around to look out for them.

As we were leaving, we saw Justin and his crew heading to the church for evening service.

Praying they have a fun, safe week and that the Lord does good things for them while they're there.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Life's Little Blessings

Another friend of ours had their baby the other day. Hannah and I went to see him and he is an adorable little guy. Well, he's really not so little. He actually came into this world weighing 9.14 and 21 inches long. He has the most adorable little cheeks. I forgot to ask his mom if I could post his picture here. So when I get a chance, if she says it's all right, I'll do that. But even his little chin is pudgy and perfectly round. He's such a doll. Please say a prayer for his mom who is recovering from a c-section and very low iron. I know she'd appreciate the prayers.

After seeing the baby, we went to the mall. We had lunch at Subway. I love their grilled chicken on flat bread. I always get onions on it, but the smell of their onions stay with me all day. But you know what? It's still yummy.

We went to Dillard's after lunch and Hannah found her a pair of Sperries. She ended up having to order her size and they should be here soon. I know she'll be happy when they get here.

Then after shopping we ran an errand and stopped off at Bruce's Aunt Dessie's house for a little visit. We were pleasantly surprised to find Aunt Sue there, although she was recovering from a little eye surgery. It did not stop Aunt Dessie from finding Aunt Sue reading, though. She's an avid reader and even with one eye she's keeping up with her books. That must be where Hannah gets it from.

Aunt Dessie has a new hobby of making picture videos so we sat down with her and Aunt Sue and watched a few videos she has put together. They were fun to watch and a LOT of fun to watch with Aunt Sue and Aunt Dessie. Those two are real characters and will keep you laughing.

Aunt Dessie showed me the program she uses for making her CD/DVD labels and then let me borrow the program. I'm really excited about that because I've been looking for a good program to make CD labels for KLM Photography. I'm hoping it will run on my computer. I'm sure it will and I'm excited about trying it out.

We stopped at my mother in law's house on the way home and visited with her for a while. We had a good visit. Hannah is talking her into teaching her how to crochet. We'll get what she needs this weekend. I know Hannah will be good at that and she'll enjoy learning and making new things.

After a day of fun visits we came home and fixed a HUGE supper of deviled egg salad sandwiches. haha Truthfully, it doesn't sound like much, but Bruce loves 'em and would eat 'em every meal if I made them. Hannah made this batch last night. My mother in law came over and had a sandwich with us. Then she took Hannah back to her house for the night. So I'm guessing they watched movies, talked, and no doubt, Marie got up to cooking breakfast. That is, if Hannah didn't get up cooking before her.

Bruce has been working six days but he's off this weekend...and next...and took off next Friday for my birthday. YAY! So we're going to enjoy our weekend together and just chill. Well, he'll actually be working on a project he promised Hannah. She has a futon in her room and it takes up a good bit of space. She he's making a new frame for her bed to raise it up in the air and we'll put her futon under it. She's really excited about that. She'll have a place for her friends to spend the night when they come over.

I'll be taking our junior campers to camp this Sunday. Jeremy's fiance is going with me. It'll give us a chance to see Justin and Jeremy and find out how things are going up there. I'm looking forward to driving the campers and riding with Ashley. She is such a sweet girl.

And that's it for now. I've done two loads of laundry and have three more ahead of me. Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Monday, June 20, 2011

And One More Busy Weekend...

I've been spending some time at my mom's house, helping her do some things, which I was able to complete today. I primed and painted her hearth for her. That was a JOB, let me tell ya!! But it's finished and it looks so much better.

I also painted a mirror and sconce set she already had. I think the black looks so much prettier. I like it a lot better than when it was white.

I had a lot of fun doing these projects. I have some touch up work I need to get to for her on her walls. Lord willing, I can get to those before next week.
Of course yesterday was Father's Day. We had two wonderful services at church. One young man was saved Sunday night and then Pastor baptized a lady Sunday night also. Praise the Lord!
We celebrated with Bruce by having one of his favorite meals for dinner. Justin had to go back to the camp and wasn't going to be able to come home with us after church so he opened his gifts before the morning service. He just died laughing at the card from the kids. They bought him a parental translator of what kids say to what they mean. It was really funny and I just loved how he got cracked up.

Saturday was Justin's 19th birthday. He got home from the camp around 5:00 and we celebrated with his grandmothers.

He wanted pizza, so of course Pizza Hut was on the menu.

And since we're a Tar Heel family, he got the white and Carolina Blue with banners birthday cake! :P

We got into a little icing fight. I would have won, but he overtook me in the end. Oh well... maybe next time.

His cake and ice cream.... ugh, I get sick just looking at it.

He wanted a video camera to take to camp so this is the one we got him, only the one we got him is red. It's really nice. I think he'll get some good stuff on it.

We had a good evening with him.


Friday night, Brother Johnathan, Mrs. Jennifer, and myself, took the youth group bowling. It was so much fun. This bowling alley is pretty far away, but it is very family oriented and had a good atmosphere. Great place to take the youth. It was so fun bowling with them and watching them bowl was hilarious.

Brother Johnathan being his nutty, turkey-self. lol

And this was the final score. Brother Johnathan had 46 pts, I was in second with 64, and Mrs. Jennifer was in first place with 150. Great job, Mrs. Jennifer!!!!

After bowling we took the youth to McDonald's. They really know how to eat!

Some of the crazy girls on the van! lol

You can't go through Gastonia without stopping at Krispy Kreme! And when the red light is know what THAT means!

Poor Mrs. Jennifer never gets out of Shelby. Needless to say she was really excited about getting to go to Krispy Kreme. :P


It was a terrific last few days. Looking forward to some much needed time this weekend with my family our two extra daughters that stay with us from time to time. Celine and Carissa will be with us. Love those girls!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day, Dad

On this Father's Day someone is missing, from our earthly life. But something else that's missing is his sorrow and his strife.
When he left us on earth we were crying. Our heart was broken in two. But as he walked thru the gates of Heaven, A cheer went up, it's true.

And although we'd like to hug him, and hold him in our arms, He's in the arms of Jesus safe from sorrow and alarm.

And now our home seems empty, but, he's home on Heaven's shore. And we miss his smile but somehow we know, it's brighter than before.

We truly, truly miss him; since from this earth he's gone. But deep in our hearts you can be sure his memory still lives on.

And although we'd like to see him, I'm sure if he could he would say, "I'm with my Heavenly Father." It's a special Father's Day.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Justin!!

Happy Birthday to my eldest son, Justin. I love ya, son!

This is one of my favorite pictures of him. He was goofing off one night and dressed up as Mr. Monopoly. He's so silly sometimes. Much like his daddy! :)

Justin has always been a mild mannered young man, with a tender heart. He is a lot like his dad in that he is straight up and honest with you. I have to say he is much more patient than I am. He seems to keep his cool when I seem to blow my top. Sometimes I'll get riled about something and he'll pat me on the shoulder and say, "It's ok. God's got this!" LOL And he never seems to worry that much. When certain needs arise, I worry for him and he always says, "Ahh, I'm not worried about it. God will provide." And he's right. God always does provide. It's a blessing to see him rest in knowing God will take care of things and he doesn't have to wring his hands and worry.

The Lord opened some doors for Justin to work at a Christian camp over the summer. He left this past Wednesday to go for his counselor training. He'll be back Saturday night and we'll be celebrating his birthday with his grandmothers.

Lord willing he'll be home most every weekend over the summer. So it'll be good to have him home, but I'll miss him through the week. Whatever will we do with all the supper leftovers from him not being here??? LOL Just kidding, Justin!

Justin was born over seas while Bruce was in the military. We came back stateside and back to our hometown when he was just about to turn one. I'm really thankful that he had the opportunity to grow up around his grandparents and grow up in our former church and the church we're at now. I could not ask for better friends and better influences that God has placed in his life.

Please pray for him as he and his friend, Jeremy, are working at the camp this summer, that the Lord will bless their time there, that He will speak to their hearts and help them as they deal with the campers.

Justin, I'm proud of you. You're a wonderful son and your dad and I are so fortunate that the Lord saw fit to lend you to us. We love you! Happy Birthday.

III John 1:4 "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth."

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Senior Session and Harrison's Patch Bowl

I had a senior session with Raven last week. Raven goes to our church and is part of our SIGMA youth. She's a sweet girl and I had a good time with her that day.

Here are a few of her mom's favorite pictures from the session. They were all really good of her beautiful smile.


Harrison's Patch class had their Patch Quiz Bowl and Awards Banquet this past Saturday. The Quiz Bowl is a time for the parents and students to compete for points after answering questions based on lessons the children have been studying throughout the Patch year. I think it was the best we've ever attended. Brother Johnathan, Mrs. Jennifer and Mrs. Kim do a fantastic job and it is very obvious how much the children love them. I appreciate them so much and the godly influence they have had over Harrison.

The judges for the quiz bowl were Brother Johnny, Nathaniel, and Justin. It wasn't too long ago that Justin and Nathaniel were in this class and participating in the quizzes. Now they're judges.

Harrison and Bruce went head to head on a multiple choice question. Harrison got his correct. I won't tell you about Bruce. haha

After the quiz bowl, it was time for the awards. Harrison and his classmate, "H", took top scorer for the boys and girls. This was "H's" first year in this class and she did GREAT!! Harrison was also awarded a trophy for saying the most verses this year.

The class was divided into two teams. This was the winning team! Congratulations to all of them.

The children were told to write about someone or something that has been a great influence in their life, how they got saved, or tell their favorite verse and why. These were written by two young men. I blacked out their names, but if you click on the picture you can read what they wrote. I thought it was sweet and they brought a tear to my eyes.

At the end of the night, the students leaving the class and moving up to SIGMA, were given an opportunity to say their goodbyes. It was a really sweet moment. I think they're all looking forward to SIGMA, but none of them wanted to leave their class.

Bruce and I are looking forward to each of them moving up and getting to know them better in SIGMA next year. They're all wonderful kids and I think they're going to do superb in the youth group.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This and That of a Busy Weekend!

We finished our end of grade testing Tuesday. So now I have a high school junior and a sixth grader. WOW! It has been a long school year. But we got through it, Praise the Lord!
I've been uploading these pictures when I can over the last couple of days. It was a busy weekend, with lots to share and lots of pictures!! So sit back and prepare to stay a while, if you can.
Saturday night we had our SIGMA Banquet in our new Banquet Hall. It was great. The SIGMA Banquet was the first thing we've done in there and it was very nice. Thank you, to all the men and boys that have worked so endlessly on getting this building put together for our church.

We had grilled chicken, salad, rolls, and baked potatoes on the menu.

Brother Mark gave the WORD for us that night. It was good to hear from him. He and Mrs. Amy and the boys have moved back here and joined our church this past Sunday. They're picking up right where they left off until the Lord directs them somewhere else. It is so good to have them home!

Next was the awards. Bruce and I were happy to hear that Hannah took the Esther Award, the top scorer for girls, came in second place in the Top Ten high scores, and was on the winning team. Way to go, little Hannah!!

You have to understand this next picture. Clayton just got saved about a year ago and he has been a totally different young man. He's never tried in the past to do anything in SIGMA, but this year he made me proud. Bruce and I were his sponsors and it was an honor to have him on our team. Anyway, he took the Pastor's Award and the Joshua Award and also came in fourth place in the Top Ten. So when his name was called he noticed his mom didn't have her camera and in great wonderment said, "MAMA! WHERE'S YOUR CAMERA??" It just cracked us all up. Way to go, Clayton!

We had three great teams this year. The Hunters, The Survivors, and The Cherokees. James Corriveau was the team captain for The Cherokees, with Brother Mark and Mrs. Jeannie as their sponsors. The Cherokees won top team this year. Congratulations, Cherokees!

The sponsors: Brother Chris and Mrs. Dana, Bruce and me, and Brother Mark and Mrs. Jeannie.

Gary won the Top Scorer for boys, the Psalm 119 award, and he was in first place in the Top Ten. Brother Chris and Mrs. Dana were his sponsors. Way to go, Gary!


Sunday morning we went to our former church for their homecoming service. It was wonderful seeing everyone after much too long! It has been ten years and we had a lot of catching up to do!! The Lord allowed our family to provide some special music for the service. Mrs. Polly, the Pastor's wife, is still playing the piano.

And this is Pastor Ammons. He is a sweet and precious man. I wish everyone could know him.

There was a fellowship following the service so we enjoyed doing most of our catching up down there.

Sherry was cuttin' watermelon. Doesn't it look yummy?

We had a great time at the homecoming and enjoyed seeing everyone so much! I'm thrilled that we were able to make it this year.


We had our special Graduation service Sunday night. As always, it was wonderful seeing the graduates and hearing what they feel the Lord has for them to do in the future. It's been wonderful seeing Mrs. Debbie fill in on the organ when Mrs. Joy can't be there. I've enjoyed getting to know Mrs. Debbie I'm looking forward to getting to know her better.

Brother Johnathan has been doing an excellent job with the orchestra. Here lately they have been the best I've heard. And Sunday night they were fantastic!

Our "front porch" boys are growing in number, for sure! Brother Gary, Jordan, and Brother Zoltan are our newest members over there. They're doing a great job.

Missy is doing the signing for our deaf ministry.

Then it was time to honor our graduates. We begin with K-5 and go up to college. We had four k-5s moving up this year.

Brother Mark graduated this year. His brother just got married a couple weeks ago and he will be tying the knot, himself, here in a couple of months. We love Brother Mark and are excited about his future.

Next was our high school graduates. James graduated from Southern Eagle Academy Home School. He received his diploma Sunday night, along with some other awards from his home school. He would like to study architecture after taking a year at Bible college, Lord willing.

Clayton graduated from ABeka Home School. Clayton said he is going to keep doing exactly what he's doing now until God directs him somewhere else.

Raven graduated from Crest High School and would like to pursue a career in dentistry.

Our college graduates were Brother Bradley Richard and Brother John O'Malley IX. Brother Bradley was working with his future father in law in New Jersey, so he missed our service, but he graduated from Ambassador Bible College and we're proud of Brother Bradley. He's a wonderful young man and I know God is going to use him in many ways. He already does.

Brother John graduated from Golden State Baptist College in Santa Clara, California. He will be returning to further his education in Christian ministry. We are very proud of Brother John also and know he's going to continue to do a great job. I know God has something special for him too. He is very enthusiastic about going back to school.

The youth choir always takes part in this service, so we heard from them. Justin sang the lead on I've Got My Mind Made Up.

I cry everytime Clayton gets up to sing. Getting up in front of people is definitely out of his comfort zone, but in the last year, since he's been saved, he does a few things out of his comfort zone, once again showing us what God can do when you let Him take control of your life.

Love to hear Matthew sing. He's always been a quiet young man, and always a blessing.

We heard from Daughters of Faith. They sang I'd Rather have Jesus. What a beautiful song!

We got to hear testimonies.

We also heard from an ensemble. Parker played the piano while they sang Sheltered By His Grace. A song they first introduced at last year's graduation service. It sounded just as wonderful Sunday night as it did last year. Wonderful words and so fitting.

I've been sheltered by His grace, kept in a safe place, surrounded by the prayers of those who've always sought his face...

And in a world of shifting sand, I can hold on to their hands...

for they've guided me in how to run this race...

and as the years go on, I'll be sheltered by His grace.

As they sang, the Lord moved on people to say thank you to those that have been prayer warriors in their lives.

Aunt and niece...

Fathers and daughters...

Bus ministry teen and teacher...

Father and son...

and friends...

Vintage Faith sang also. Love to hear them!

After they sang, Pastor preached a very good message! One I needed to hear for my own self and one that reached out to the lost. After he preached he gave a charge to each of the high school graduates. And then had all of the graduates come forward with their families, the preachers in our church, and the deacons, for a special time of prayer.

After the service the youth group went to the new building's banquet hall for a time of fellowship with the grads.

Each of the high school graduates had a display table. This one is Raven's.

This one is Clayton's. His mom had a video picture montage going on his table. He was such a cute little fella when he was younger.

And this table belonged to James. I loved that MEMORIES frame! I got tickled because they all had jars on their tables for different "funds." I thought that was cute.

We had a good time of fellowship at the after glow and then it was time to go home and crash


On Monday I set up for a photo shoot with Raven. We did some of her in her cap and gown.

And then we went out around town and grabbed some shots. They all turned out really good, I thought. She's a sweet girl and I had a good time with her.


On Tuesday I cleaned the house I clean and then the kids and I spent the better part of the afternoon at my brother's house eating pizza and hot dogs, playing Phase 10, and swimming in his pool. It was a wonderful, relaxing time, and I enjoyed it very much!

Tomorrow I will be going to spend most of the day with my mom. I plan on starting a new project over there for her. She has a brick wall and hearth that her fireplace sits on and I'm going to prime it tomorrow. Then in a few days I'll start painting it. This will be interesting, no doubt! But I'm looking forward to it.

And thus concludes this very long post. Hope y'all had a great weekend too!!