Monday, June 27, 2011

Junior Campers

Ashley and I took the juniors to camp yesterday. This is the same camp where Justin and Jeremy are working for the summer.

It was good to see my boy. He said his first week of camp with juniors was excellent. The Lord blessed and thirteen got saved. I believe he said two of those, the Lord let him lead to Christ. He's looking forward to the next few weeks and what God has in store for him and the campers.

I got our girls settled in. They were a little nervous, but very excited about the upcoming week at camp.

I was able to make sure the boys got settled into their cabin also. They were really happy to find out that they were in the same cabin and that Justin would be their counselor.

It made the girls a little more comfortable, too, knowing Justin would be around to look out for them.

As we were leaving, we saw Justin and his crew heading to the church for evening service.

Praying they have a fun, safe week and that the Lord does good things for them while they're there.