Friday, June 24, 2011

Life's Little Blessings

Another friend of ours had their baby the other day. Hannah and I went to see him and he is an adorable little guy. Well, he's really not so little. He actually came into this world weighing 9.14 and 21 inches long. He has the most adorable little cheeks. I forgot to ask his mom if I could post his picture here. So when I get a chance, if she says it's all right, I'll do that. But even his little chin is pudgy and perfectly round. He's such a doll. Please say a prayer for his mom who is recovering from a c-section and very low iron. I know she'd appreciate the prayers.

After seeing the baby, we went to the mall. We had lunch at Subway. I love their grilled chicken on flat bread. I always get onions on it, but the smell of their onions stay with me all day. But you know what? It's still yummy.

We went to Dillard's after lunch and Hannah found her a pair of Sperries. She ended up having to order her size and they should be here soon. I know she'll be happy when they get here.

Then after shopping we ran an errand and stopped off at Bruce's Aunt Dessie's house for a little visit. We were pleasantly surprised to find Aunt Sue there, although she was recovering from a little eye surgery. It did not stop Aunt Dessie from finding Aunt Sue reading, though. She's an avid reader and even with one eye she's keeping up with her books. That must be where Hannah gets it from.

Aunt Dessie has a new hobby of making picture videos so we sat down with her and Aunt Sue and watched a few videos she has put together. They were fun to watch and a LOT of fun to watch with Aunt Sue and Aunt Dessie. Those two are real characters and will keep you laughing.

Aunt Dessie showed me the program she uses for making her CD/DVD labels and then let me borrow the program. I'm really excited about that because I've been looking for a good program to make CD labels for KLM Photography. I'm hoping it will run on my computer. I'm sure it will and I'm excited about trying it out.

We stopped at my mother in law's house on the way home and visited with her for a while. We had a good visit. Hannah is talking her into teaching her how to crochet. We'll get what she needs this weekend. I know Hannah will be good at that and she'll enjoy learning and making new things.

After a day of fun visits we came home and fixed a HUGE supper of deviled egg salad sandwiches. haha Truthfully, it doesn't sound like much, but Bruce loves 'em and would eat 'em every meal if I made them. Hannah made this batch last night. My mother in law came over and had a sandwich with us. Then she took Hannah back to her house for the night. So I'm guessing they watched movies, talked, and no doubt, Marie got up to cooking breakfast. That is, if Hannah didn't get up cooking before her.

Bruce has been working six days but he's off this weekend...and next...and took off next Friday for my birthday. YAY! So we're going to enjoy our weekend together and just chill. Well, he'll actually be working on a project he promised Hannah. She has a futon in her room and it takes up a good bit of space. She he's making a new frame for her bed to raise it up in the air and we'll put her futon under it. She's really excited about that. She'll have a place for her friends to spend the night when they come over.

I'll be taking our junior campers to camp this Sunday. Jeremy's fiance is going with me. It'll give us a chance to see Justin and Jeremy and find out how things are going up there. I'm looking forward to driving the campers and riding with Ashley. She is such a sweet girl.

And that's it for now. I've done two loads of laundry and have three more ahead of me. Hope y'all have a great weekend!