Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day, Dad

On this Father's Day someone is missing, from our earthly life. But something else that's missing is his sorrow and his strife.
When he left us on earth we were crying. Our heart was broken in two. But as he walked thru the gates of Heaven, A cheer went up, it's true.

And although we'd like to hug him, and hold him in our arms, He's in the arms of Jesus safe from sorrow and alarm.

And now our home seems empty, but, he's home on Heaven's shore. And we miss his smile but somehow we know, it's brighter than before.

We truly, truly miss him; since from this earth he's gone. But deep in our hearts you can be sure his memory still lives on.

And although we'd like to see him, I'm sure if he could he would say, "I'm with my Heavenly Father." It's a special Father's Day.