Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This and That of a Busy Weekend!

We finished our end of grade testing Tuesday. So now I have a high school junior and a sixth grader. WOW! It has been a long school year. But we got through it, Praise the Lord!
I've been uploading these pictures when I can over the last couple of days. It was a busy weekend, with lots to share and lots of pictures!! So sit back and prepare to stay a while, if you can.
Saturday night we had our SIGMA Banquet in our new Banquet Hall. It was great. The SIGMA Banquet was the first thing we've done in there and it was very nice. Thank you, to all the men and boys that have worked so endlessly on getting this building put together for our church.

We had grilled chicken, salad, rolls, and baked potatoes on the menu.

Brother Mark gave the WORD for us that night. It was good to hear from him. He and Mrs. Amy and the boys have moved back here and joined our church this past Sunday. They're picking up right where they left off until the Lord directs them somewhere else. It is so good to have them home!

Next was the awards. Bruce and I were happy to hear that Hannah took the Esther Award, the top scorer for girls, came in second place in the Top Ten high scores, and was on the winning team. Way to go, little Hannah!!

You have to understand this next picture. Clayton just got saved about a year ago and he has been a totally different young man. He's never tried in the past to do anything in SIGMA, but this year he made me proud. Bruce and I were his sponsors and it was an honor to have him on our team. Anyway, he took the Pastor's Award and the Joshua Award and also came in fourth place in the Top Ten. So when his name was called he noticed his mom didn't have her camera and in great wonderment said, "MAMA! WHERE'S YOUR CAMERA??" It just cracked us all up. Way to go, Clayton!

We had three great teams this year. The Hunters, The Survivors, and The Cherokees. James Corriveau was the team captain for The Cherokees, with Brother Mark and Mrs. Jeannie as their sponsors. The Cherokees won top team this year. Congratulations, Cherokees!

The sponsors: Brother Chris and Mrs. Dana, Bruce and me, and Brother Mark and Mrs. Jeannie.

Gary won the Top Scorer for boys, the Psalm 119 award, and he was in first place in the Top Ten. Brother Chris and Mrs. Dana were his sponsors. Way to go, Gary!


Sunday morning we went to our former church for their homecoming service. It was wonderful seeing everyone after much too long! It has been ten years and we had a lot of catching up to do!! The Lord allowed our family to provide some special music for the service. Mrs. Polly, the Pastor's wife, is still playing the piano.

And this is Pastor Ammons. He is a sweet and precious man. I wish everyone could know him.

There was a fellowship following the service so we enjoyed doing most of our catching up down there.

Sherry was cuttin' watermelon. Doesn't it look yummy?

We had a great time at the homecoming and enjoyed seeing everyone so much! I'm thrilled that we were able to make it this year.


We had our special Graduation service Sunday night. As always, it was wonderful seeing the graduates and hearing what they feel the Lord has for them to do in the future. It's been wonderful seeing Mrs. Debbie fill in on the organ when Mrs. Joy can't be there. I've enjoyed getting to know Mrs. Debbie I'm looking forward to getting to know her better.

Brother Johnathan has been doing an excellent job with the orchestra. Here lately they have been the best I've heard. And Sunday night they were fantastic!

Our "front porch" boys are growing in number, for sure! Brother Gary, Jordan, and Brother Zoltan are our newest members over there. They're doing a great job.

Missy is doing the signing for our deaf ministry.

Then it was time to honor our graduates. We begin with K-5 and go up to college. We had four k-5s moving up this year.

Brother Mark graduated this year. His brother just got married a couple weeks ago and he will be tying the knot, himself, here in a couple of months. We love Brother Mark and are excited about his future.

Next was our high school graduates. James graduated from Southern Eagle Academy Home School. He received his diploma Sunday night, along with some other awards from his home school. He would like to study architecture after taking a year at Bible college, Lord willing.

Clayton graduated from ABeka Home School. Clayton said he is going to keep doing exactly what he's doing now until God directs him somewhere else.

Raven graduated from Crest High School and would like to pursue a career in dentistry.

Our college graduates were Brother Bradley Richard and Brother John O'Malley IX. Brother Bradley was working with his future father in law in New Jersey, so he missed our service, but he graduated from Ambassador Bible College and we're proud of Brother Bradley. He's a wonderful young man and I know God is going to use him in many ways. He already does.

Brother John graduated from Golden State Baptist College in Santa Clara, California. He will be returning to further his education in Christian ministry. We are very proud of Brother John also and know he's going to continue to do a great job. I know God has something special for him too. He is very enthusiastic about going back to school.

The youth choir always takes part in this service, so we heard from them. Justin sang the lead on I've Got My Mind Made Up.

I cry everytime Clayton gets up to sing. Getting up in front of people is definitely out of his comfort zone, but in the last year, since he's been saved, he does a few things out of his comfort zone, once again showing us what God can do when you let Him take control of your life.

Love to hear Matthew sing. He's always been a quiet young man, and always a blessing.

We heard from Daughters of Faith. They sang I'd Rather have Jesus. What a beautiful song!

We got to hear testimonies.

We also heard from an ensemble. Parker played the piano while they sang Sheltered By His Grace. A song they first introduced at last year's graduation service. It sounded just as wonderful Sunday night as it did last year. Wonderful words and so fitting.

I've been sheltered by His grace, kept in a safe place, surrounded by the prayers of those who've always sought his face...

And in a world of shifting sand, I can hold on to their hands...

for they've guided me in how to run this race...

and as the years go on, I'll be sheltered by His grace.

As they sang, the Lord moved on people to say thank you to those that have been prayer warriors in their lives.

Aunt and niece...

Fathers and daughters...

Bus ministry teen and teacher...

Father and son...

and friends...

Vintage Faith sang also. Love to hear them!

After they sang, Pastor preached a very good message! One I needed to hear for my own self and one that reached out to the lost. After he preached he gave a charge to each of the high school graduates. And then had all of the graduates come forward with their families, the preachers in our church, and the deacons, for a special time of prayer.

After the service the youth group went to the new building's banquet hall for a time of fellowship with the grads.

Each of the high school graduates had a display table. This one is Raven's.

This one is Clayton's. His mom had a video picture montage going on his table. He was such a cute little fella when he was younger.

And this table belonged to James. I loved that MEMORIES frame! I got tickled because they all had jars on their tables for different "funds." I thought that was cute.

We had a good time of fellowship at the after glow and then it was time to go home and crash


On Monday I set up for a photo shoot with Raven. We did some of her in her cap and gown.

And then we went out around town and grabbed some shots. They all turned out really good, I thought. She's a sweet girl and I had a good time with her.


On Tuesday I cleaned the house I clean and then the kids and I spent the better part of the afternoon at my brother's house eating pizza and hot dogs, playing Phase 10, and swimming in his pool. It was a wonderful, relaxing time, and I enjoyed it very much!

Tomorrow I will be going to spend most of the day with my mom. I plan on starting a new project over there for her. She has a brick wall and hearth that her fireplace sits on and I'm going to prime it tomorrow. Then in a few days I'll start painting it. This will be interesting, no doubt! But I'm looking forward to it.

And thus concludes this very long post. Hope y'all had a great weekend too!!