Friday, April 1, 2011

May I PLEASE Start This Day Over????

I sure wish I could turn the clock back a few hours and start this whole day over!!! It's only a little after 1:00 and I'm really wishing the day was completely over. It started with me waking up to Bruce coming in from work. In the wee hours of the morning Wednesday, he was at work when he gashed his arm open needing ten stitches. He's fine. But let me tell ya, it's gross. I couldn't be a nurse to save my life. Anyway, he comes in this morning from work and told me he had pulled his stitches out. Apparently his work glove was the culprit and his supervisor ended up taking him back to the hospital for restitching. Nice, huh? I got up shortly after making sure he was all right. He was. So I went to check on Harrison. Harrison was running a fever last night with sore throat, coughing, and sinus congestion. He was not feeling well at all. And this morning his fever had spiked to 103.5 and climbing. So of course I gave him Tylenol, along with his Robitussin medicine. After he takes it he tells me Bruce had already given him a dose of each before he went to bed. So within a matter of an hour he had two Tylenol and four tsps of Robitussin. Next thing I know he's sleeping heavily on the couch. I was a little worried about him, but he seems to be doing all right. Just sleeping it off, I guess. Hannah told mom she'd clean her house today so I took her over there. Mom's been out of town so needless to say I was shocked to find her door wide open and alarm going off. I called the police and they were on their way. Apparently I got there just when it happened. I saw someone running across her back yard and jump in a truck on the side road. They sped out of there but I called the police again to tell them know what happened. One police went their direction and another stopped in to check things out and take a report. I was afraid to leave Hannah there by herself but figured if the cops were hot on their trail, she should be all right. Plus she knows how to use mom's gun if she needs to and the officer said he would come by a few times today. I called to check on Harry. He was fine. Justin said he was still sleeping but ok. I told Justin not to leave him alone and to check on him periodically to make sure he was all right. Then I just sat in the car trying to regroup my thoughts. When I was finally ready to move on with the day I started backing out of the driveway. I saw Hannah waving to me on the front porch and I waved back. Next thing I know I've hit something. What was it you ask? Remember that police car that was hot on the thief's trail? Yeah....he stopped at mom's to let me know they caught the guy. I didn't see him pulling in the drive when I was backing up. I HIT THE COP CAR! I thought for sure I was going to jail. He was really nice about everything, but of course had to fill out ANOTHER report. By now I'm in tears. I just wanted to crawl in a hole and give up. And what was my husband going to say about the tail light on our car? Oh, and Hannah wasn't waving goodbye. She was trying to tell me about the cop car. Now that all of this was over I wasn't sure if I wanted to go grocery shopping or just go home and crawl back in bed. But onward and forward I went. As I'm on one side of the highway I see, on the other side of the highway, a truck pulled to the side of the road that looks just like Justin's truck. But no, I told him not to leave Harrison so that couldn't be him. I decided to stop at the house and check on Harry and sure enough....Justin's truck is gone. There was a note on the table saying Harrison was fine and that he had some errands to run before work. Harrison WAS fine, but now what about Justin. So I hop back into the car and head up the highway again. There was his truck, but he was no where in sight. I traveled on up to the next exit and found him walking toward the gas station. He had run out of gas. So we ended up having to buy a gas can and gas to fill his truck enough to get it to the gas station. Everything was fine. So after we were finished with his truck and he was on his way I went to the store. Now, this is where I'm near a total breakdown. Everything is going great in the store...that is until I pick up a jar of salsa and knock another jar off with my arm. It shatters and splatters all over the place. And now I have salsa all over my canvas tennis shoes. LOVELY! I get someone to help me and they insist on cleaning it up but I can tell they're a little miffed. Wouldn't you be? I finish my grocery shopping and head to the register. I pull out my coupons and don't you know that eleven out of seventeen coupons had expired??? *blush* I just know she thought I was trying to pull one over on her. After hearing my total I go to write a check and guess what? The checkbook is in Bruce's bill drawer at home. Are you kidding me????? Oh yeah. So I decide to put it on the credit card. Uhhhh....that ain't happenin' either. I used the credit card yesterday online and left it sitting on my table next to the computer. So I threw my hands up in the air and walked out of the store, crying all the way to the car. I sat in the parking lot for about twenty minutes sobbing. And this is where it gets comical. Everything, except Bruce getting stitches Monday and Harrison being sick last night has been a total fabrication in honor of April Fool's Day. I've actually had a great day and you've just been had! :)