Saturday, April 30, 2011

Youth Meeting

We took our youth choir to Zion Hill Baptist Church in Marion tonight and the only word I can say to describe it is "good."

They had a combined youth choir with all of the churches that came for the meeting and then our youth choir sang, followed by the Daughters of Faith, the Simpson family, and Brother Spears and his wife. LeAnna was able to give her testimony of salvation and it pricked the heart of another girl in the congregation and she came forward and got saved.

Her brother, an eighteen year old preacher boy, was about to shout the roof off. He was actually the first one to get up and preach. He did a good job and Harrison liked him a lot. Brother Spears was the second preacher that preached tonight. He was a member of the Hell's Angels when God got a hold of him. I could have listened to him preach and sing all night. The whole time he was preaching I was wishing a young man our family knows could hear what this man had to say. It was amazing! He was really good. He and his wife both had a really sweet spirit about them.

The church fed us a hot dog supper and then we traveled on back down the mountain. We had a great time. My heart is full from this week and I can't wait to hear what happened at the jubilee tonight.

We have our Mother-Daughter banquet tomorrow night. I'm looking forward to taking my girl and my mama. I know we'll have a good time. It's been a long week, but, boy, has it been refreshing!