Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Murfreesboro Trip, 2011

For the past several years we have taken our youth to the camp meeting held at Middle Tennessee Baptist Church, where Brother Tony Hutson is the Pastor. Every year it is always a blessing and our youth group comes home fired up. This year was no different. They brought back a sweet spirit and four people were saved in our Sunday morning service with one saved in our evening service. Praise the Lord! We left our church around 9:00 am Thursday morning and headed up the mountain. It took about all day in the bus. Around thirty-five of us were able to go with around ten coming up Friday on a van. We had a great group. The bus did not get there in time for the Thursday service so we checked into our hotel, had some free time, ate pizza for supper, and had devotions. Three of our preacher boys took turns bringing the devotions and did an excellent job.

After devotions, the kids gathered around for prayer, asking God to open their hearts and fill them up during the meetings.

We celebrated Caleb's birthday. He and his family just moved back here from Alabama just in time to go to the meeting. His birthday was Thursday, so his mom had a giant birthday cookie to enjoy.

After the birthday celebration they were given free time again. A couple of the kids sat at a table testifying to one another. Then a few more came around and joined in. And then a few more, until almost all of them were crying and testifying. It was a beautiful time and I was so proud of them. Dana and I were watching from a distance and had some private, one on one chats later with a couple of them. It was such a blessing.

The Friday morning service went until around 11:45 and we were dismissed. We had lunch at a mall where the kids could choose what they wanted, then back to the hotel for free time and naps, and back to evening services which let out around midnight. We were EXHAUSTED Saturday morning. But they were all up, packed, and had the bus loaded by 8:30 am. Services started at 10:00 and we left after lunch on the grounds to come back home. We had a scary moment on the bus when we found out there were storms ahead of us. We did go through hail, but the Lord helped Brother Chris get us through it! We heard Eleven preachers in that short amount of time we were there and it was worth every single minute! We heard some of the best sermons up there! So here's some pics from the services.

People praying before services began....

Brother Spears, Brother Thomas, and Brother Hutson laughing at Pastor Goodman while he was preaching on being "cool." It was hilarious.

There was a lot of praising the Lord!!

We also heard some fantastic singing while we were there, from the choir and other groups.

I was thrilled to find out the Simpson family was going to be there. We heard preaching from Brother Simpson and got to hear their family sing several songs.

The music was really good, but the preaching was the best part! I didn't get all the preacher's pictures, but here are a few of the ones we heard. And did I mention the sermons were really good!??!