Friday, April 15, 2011

Harrison's Birthday

Harrison turned eleven this past Monday. He was on pins and needles all day long. He wanted me to make tacos so I did that with all the fixin's and Spanish rice. His Maw Maw and Grandmother came over to help celebrate. He was excited because he knew he would be getting some birthday money to go with what he has been saving for his iPod Touch. He also wanted me to make his cake so I did. It was a double decker chocolate devil's food cake with chocolate icing, chocolate dollops, and chocolate sprinkles. That's what he wanted so that's what he got. He had his Maw Maw bring chocolate mint ice cream and banana split ice cream. He definitely has a sweet tooth. He inherited that from his dad, for sure! lol Anyway, when he gathered all his birthday money plus what he had been saving he had enough for his iPod. So Tuesday when I finished the house I clean I took him to pick it out. His daddy loaded it for him with some fun apps and videos and he's been having a ball with it ever since. As a matter of fact, his brother and sister have been having fun with it too. I'm glad you got the iPod you wanted, Harry. I'm proud of you for being so good at saving your money. You're awesome!! :)