Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy Birthday and Peanut M&M's

My sweet man had a birthday Friday. I won't tell how old he turned. That wouldn't be nice.

Anyway, I had my mom and mom-in-law over. He wanted breakfast for his birthday dinner so I did scrambled eggs, bacon and livermush, biscuits and gravy, and grits. All his favorites. His mom made his birthday cake. He wanted white cake with her homemade frosting. Mmm...good stuff there. Love your cakes, Marie!!
Mom made the scrambled eggs. My back is still in bad shape and I was glad she showed up when she did.
Thank you, mom, for helping with the eggs. :)

I was just going to post the picture above, but this one tickles me every time I see it. When I picked out his birthday card in the store I literally laughed out loud and there was no point in even looking for another card. It was a little story book card and he was reading it aloud, but when he got to this one page he just died laughing, like I did. He was squirting tears. I love to see him smile and laugh and this really had him cracking up.

I hope you had a wonderful birthday, sweetheart. I am so blessed to have you for my husband. I love you.
Hannah went with me this week to help clean the house I do every other Tuesday. She was such a great help for me, just picking up all the rugs off the floor so I didn't have to bend over. She also cleaned the upstairs so I wouldn't have to go up and down the stairs. I appreciated her willingness to go and help. It took a lot off my mind and back!!
Thank you, Hannah. You're such a sweet daughter. :)

The lady I clean for is really nice. She usually leaves a note with my check telling me to help myself to a snack and a soda. I don't normally have a snack, but I do take my cup and enjoy a soda with crushed ice. However, when I cleaned Tuesday she had peanut M&Ms in her snack basket. Oh, I do love those things. I broke down and had a handful of them. They were so good. I thought about them the rest of the week, wishing I had just one more handful.

Today when I went grocery shopping, guess what was on sale BOGO! M&M's!! I got me a bag of peanut and Bruce a bag of regular. We're going to see who can take the longest to empty their bag. I'm pretty sure mine will still be half full come Christmas. His bag won't make it through Sunday. If I was a bettin' woman, I'd lay money on it! hahaha