Monday, December 13, 2010

Family Reunion

We went to our family reunion Saturday night. This was Bruce's mother's side of the family. We had a really good time. We always have a good time.
These are the siblings and their spouses. There are a couple of precious faces that have gone on to Heaven and we miss them very much. Uncle Larry, Uncle Joe, and my precious father-in-law, Pete. Although we missed them at this reunion, there will be a great reunion one fine day!

A lot of work goes into this reunion and I want to publicly thank those that put so much effort and love into planning it and putting it together. The food is always wonderful, the decorations are always lovely, and the love is always pouring over. Thank you, to each person that gave so much time putting it together.

There were several people that could not make it this year and we missed seeing them. Lord willing we'll see them next year.

Aunt Sylvia asked us to sing something. This year I wanted to sing something in memory of Bruce's grandmother. I never did get to meet her, but I have a feeling we would have been close. When I hear the song, I Still Wanna Go To Grandma's House for Christmas I think of her, even though we never met, because of how Bruce and his family talk about how she loved the Christmas season and having all her family gathered around her. So I did sing that song. But the second song....oh my goodness....that was a disaster. We started out the song, Heirloom, and I forgot the words a few lines into the first verse. So we started over. I made it through to the second verse this time, before my brain totally gave out. I was drawing a blank. I mean, I've only sung that song a few dozen times, right? Needless to say we scratched that one and I ended up singing The Greatest Christmas Tree again. Which is fine. Maybe the Lord just wanted that song to be sung, telling of the cross and the greatest gift that was given to the world. So it's ok. I'll sing Heirloom next year (Lord willing). And I'll make sure to have my words written down! :)
We had a great time and I love every. single. one of you!

~~PS~~ Thank you, Michelle, for contributing these beautiful pics.