Saturday, December 4, 2010

Family and Prayer

I had been excited about my cousin and her family coming to spend a day or so with us ever since she told me a month or so ago that they were coming while visiting family and friends for Thanksgiving. I had a good time while they were here.

I cooked supper for them last night. We had roast with cream of mushroom gravy, crock pot mac-n-cheese, southern green beans, homemade mashed potatoes, stewed carrots, rolls, and coconut cake for dessert. My mom, my brother, John, and his wife, Jenny, were able to join us and I was glad of that. I enjoy having my table filled around with family. What a blessing!

After supper we piled in the van and took them to Krispy Kreme for doughnuts and milk before we went to see the lights in McAdenville. I walked with the kids a little bit, through McAdenville. It was cold, but it felt so good.

I did, however, pull my back out somehow. Not really sure when or how, but I did! Art's plane tickets were scheduled for him to leave a few hours earlier than Angie and the girls, so after Bruce and I dropped Angie and the girls at the airport this morning, he stopped to get me some medicine for my back. They've had me sleepy all day, but they're working.

I do have a prayer request if you wouldn't mind. I have a lot of mixed emotions about a situation and just praying the Lord's will be done. If you happen to think about it, I'd appreciate you praying with me on this matter, that God's will be done, and that my emotions and flesh will not get in the way of Him working. Please pray that I'll make the right decisions. To remove ourselves from an unknown situation that only God can handle for us is very difficult sometimes. But I do trust Him and I do believe He will work.

Thank you, Art and Angie, Ashley, Ari, and Allison, for a wonderful time of fellowship. You have no idea how the devil worked to steal this time from me, but he could not. I love you all and I miss you already.