Sunday, November 28, 2010

We had a very good Thanksgiving service Wednesday night. One of the verses Pastor read was "In every thing give thanks;" It doesn't matter what we are going through. In EVERY thing give thanks. I like hearing the testimonies of what God has done in the lives of others. The Wed night before Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite services.

Thanksgiving morning my mom met us here at the house. We loaded our vehicles and took off to Virginia to have Thanksgiving at my Aunt Margie's house. Aunt Carolyn and Aunt Joyce showed up with all of their crew and it was so much fun.
Here's a pic of mom on the stairs at the hotel we stayed in. Isn't she beautiful?

My cousin, Gina is the beauty on the left. I met her for the very first time this Thanksgiving. That's her son behind her. He's eight and such a sweet kid. Angela, the beauty on the right, I've seen through the years, but certainly not enough! She and her family will be spending this weekend with us before flying back to Alaska! I'm looking forward to our visit. And then in front of me is my cousin Steve. What a ham he is!! I don't think I've seen him since I was about ten. He's a mess. I wish we lived closer. All of us. And last but not least is Steve's little girl, Emily. She was SUCH a doll. I honestly thought I'd never see my cousins again. I was truly blessed this Thanksgiving to have seen them and my aunts and Uncle. There were four or five cousins that were not present. I wish they had been able to join us. And I sure did miss my brother. It would have been great if he and Jenny had been able to come too.
I love you, Gina, Angie, and Steve.

In this picture is my cousin, Gary. He's a mess too! What a little rascal he was when he was younger! Oh the stories we heard and could tell. haha...good times! I love you, Gary.
We left to come home Friday afternoon after making one last stop at Aunt Margie's to say goodbye. We had a good trip home with a stop at Cracker Barrel for lunch. No shopping for us on Friday.
Saturday morning I took some pictures of a little guy in our church. It was a tough shoot, I'll admit, but here's a sneak peek. Can you think of anything sweeter than chubby little hands?
Saturday evening, our church took the Nursery Mothers out to eat and then to a Narrow Way Production in Fort Mill. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed our time out together.
I hope all of you had as much of a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend as I did.
God is good....all the time....all the time....God is good.