Monday, November 15, 2010

Thank Jesus

We had our Ladies Thanksgiving Fellowship last Tuesday night. The theme for this year was simply, Thank Jesus.

There were about sixty that signed up and about one hundred twenty that showed up! It was good though. We had plenty of plates, plenty of utensils, and plenty of food! If it's one thing I know about the women at my church, they can COOK!

Our future Ladies of Faith showed up too.

I enjoyed the fellowship with all of ladies.

Pastor Goodman showed up to make a plate before everyone arrived. Then scooted back home. Yes, it was a ladies fellowship. I suppose there are certain perks to being the "Big Brother." haha

Some of our little Ladies of Faith have grown up to be adult ladies of Faith. And pretty ones too!

It's good that mom was able to make it. :D

I love my mommy. ;)

Mrs. Becky did good at her drink station, but was really upset we didn't have door prizes this year. LOL

Mrs. Marla...always finding something to do. Busy, busy hands.

My buddy, Dana, was there too.

This was just the dessert table. You should have seen the food tables!

There was a lot of laughter and chattering.

Pretty fall decorations.

And even some "itty bitty" ladies were there!!

Future Ladies of Faith....gotta love 'em.

We took up a love offering for someone special. I thought it was sweet that Trina and Celine passed the baskets.

Mrs. Ava made some announcements and then gave a devotional. It was so good too. She spoke on the treasures God puts in our sacks.

At each plate she had a small sack full of treasures. Five butterscotch pieces represented the four common treasures that most all of us have in our sacks. The fifth treasure represented the secret treasures from God that He gives only to us, personally. Those treasures that mean something special to us.
1. The treasure of Salvation
2. The treasure of the Holy Spirit
3. The treasure of a close walk with the Lord
4. The sure treasure of the second coming
5. The secret treasures from God
For the fifth treasure in our sack, she chose a candy kiss and on the inside was an almond. I thought that was a neat little table favor.

Hannah, LeAnna, and Dana sang I Just Want To Thank You Lord. I wish they could sing it in church. It was so pretty.
I had a great time at the fellowship. I love my church and the ladies there. I love my Pastor's wife. I have much to be thankful for!