Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tags, Titles, and Tears

My dad left me his truck. I went to the tag office today to do the title transfer and turn in the old tag. I have mixed feelings about it. He told me he was going to give it to me months ago, but I just never really pondered it.....until recently. Bruce had gone yesterday to do all of this but they wouldn't do it since the title was in my name and I wasn't there with proof of ID, so I went and did it myself. You wouldn't think something like that would be an emotional experience, but it was for me. As I walked out of the tag office, I was suddenly struck with a deep pain of sadness. He loved his little truck. He loved taking his dog, Dolly, around town in it. I remember when he got it and how happy he was. I walked to my car and had a good little cry. It's nice to have my own truck, but I'd give it back, and anything else, to have my daddy here instead. Although, that would be quite selfish of me, seeing he is enjoying the riches of Heaven and sitting at the Savior's feet. Given the opportunity to choose coming back here or staying there, I have no doubt what his answer would be.

After my little crying spell, I went to scope out some places for my first bridal shoot I'm doing this weekend. I'm really excited and nervous at the same time. I have some ideas. I just hope they pan out. It's one thing to see it in your mind's eye, and a total other thing to see it through the eye of the camera. I won't be able to share any of the pics until next month though. We don't want the groom to have a peek at the gown until after the big day. Or anyone else, for that matter.

I walked out of here today with my crock pot filled with water and spices for my pot roast, but forgot to put the roast in. I've been like that all week!! I'll admit I've had pizza on the brain. Maybe it's Freudian? haha

Gonna clean things up around here and get ready for church tonight. Looking forward to Wednesday night prayer meeting.