Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hubby-Time, Swag Bucks, and Amish Stories

I took Bruce to the dentist today to have his teeth cleaned, then ran a couple of errands with him, came home to cook him some breakfast, started school with the kids, and now I'm sitting here blogging while the kids are working quietly.

If you recall, I joined Swag Bucks a while back and promoted it here on my blog. I still promote it. It's been great!! I've gotten several free things from swag bucks, mostly the $5.00 Amazon gift cards, which I've been loading to Amazon and watching my FREE money pile up. Anything I have ordered through Swag bucks has had free shipping too. That's a bonus. Anyway, I like reading Beverly Lewis books and bought her Seasons of Grace series using my Amazon cards I got from my Swag bucks winnings. I just finished the first book this morning, The Secret. It's kind of different, in that there is really no closure to the story in this first book. So I'm eager to begin the second and continue reading about Grace Byler, her mother's strange disappearance, and Heather, a young woman whose mother passed away not long ago and who has escaped to an Amish community to deal with her own recent diagnosis of cancer. Good story line so far.

If you want to join Swag bucks and start earning your own Amazon cards, or whatever other gift cards you may be interested in, just sign up there at the Swag bucks there in my sidebar. It's the easiest thing I've ever done. I joined, downloaded the Swag Bucks tool bar, and started using their search engine when searching the web. And that's how easy it is. Just search something in their search engine, and it's a chance to win swag bucks.

Bruce's dentist told him that Bruce's Uncle Major was in our town's newspaper, so we stopped on the way home and grabbed a paper. He read me the article as we drove home and it was really nice. Bruce's Uncle Major is a funny man. He's quite the character, let me tell ya! The write-up about him was good and I enjoyed hearing it. He just celebrated his 80th birthday, if I'm not mistaken. So Happy Birthday, Uncle Major! We love you.

I've cleaned out closets and drawers and cabinets and last night I cleaned out my washroom. I could not believe how much stuff was in there that we either didn't need or just didn't use any longer. Don't worry, Bruce, I didn't get rid of anything that belonged to you. :D

It looks so much better in there! I love a decluttered, less chaotic look, don't you? Have you ever seen that show Hoarders? I've only watched it once or twice and these people are not hoarders, in my opinion. They're either lazy or have some sort of mental disorder that causes them to be like that. I can't watch it. I get ill.

Well, speaking of decluttered and less chaotic looks, I need to straighten up this living room and do some dusting.