Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas, Crafts, and Cooking

When I got home from cleaning a house yesterday, Hannah wanted to decorate for Christmas. So Justin pulled everything down from the attic and the insane rush to decorate and make things pretty for Christmas began. "Insane rush" meaning Bruce was at work and we wanted to get it finished before he got home. I thought he was working a sixteen hour shift. But the kids said he would be home at 10:30. What??? Boy, did that push me into gear! I finished up just minutes before he got home.

We had the house dark with tree lights and candles going. It was so peacful and so pretty. My collection of nativities are out and they are lovely. Just lovely! :D

OK, I have a crafty question. I bought one of those round, plastic covered cake plates. Like Rubbermaid? Anyway, I want to paint the lid with some acrylics. But if it gets washed, the paint will begin to chip. So what would I get to spay over the acrylics to keep that from happening? Any suggestions?

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. We will be celebrating with numerous family members. I need to cook up a couple of desserts. I'm thinking peanut butter fudge and a coconut cake or a chocolate eclaire cake. What will you be doing?