Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Good Times

We were invited to go to the Clemson game Saturday. They were playing against NC State. Everyone knows we're Carolina Tar Heel fans here, but I have to say I'm kinda likin' the color orange. Shhh...don't tell Bruce.

We went with Brother Sam and Mrs. Anna, from our church. They are very sweet people and we had SUCH a good time with them. They're a lot of fun to be with. Before we went into the stadium, we tailgated our lunch. Mrs. Anna really outdid herself in the food area. Good stuff. I'm not really a baked bean person, but I think I could have eaten that whole bowl. They were so good!

Their family are true-orange Clemson fans, so Mrs. Anna called Vermont, first thing after the game, to tell their son they had won. I think he had been watching the game already.

Yep...they won. Fourteen to thirteen. C-L-E-M-S-O---------N!

Thank you, Brother Sam and Mrs. Anna. We had an awesome time with y'all. You're very special to us.
The Crossroads Rescue Mission has been visiting our church while they're in transition of finding another home church. It's been good seeing them sitting there, getting involved in the services, and a young man in the mission came forward to be saved the other week. It was a blessing. Brother Rocky and Mrs. Deborah are doing a great job with the mission.
I mentioned we had our ladies Thanksgiving Fellowship last night. It was wonderful. I have pictures, but I haven't even downloaded them yet. Can you believe that? I'm so slack here lately. LOL I gave a testimony, but there were others that gave their testimonies and I think all of them were precious, all of them were a blessing, and all of them treasures of God's goodness. Oh how sweet it is, to be a child of God!
God is answering prayer after prayer where my mother is concerned. He certainly takes care of the widows. I am seeing Him work in her life in different areas that are amazing all of us. Things that worried my daddy are being taken care of in ways only God could do it. Just amazing! And again I have to say, Oh, how sweet it is, to be a child of God!
I have a little secret treasure I'm holding on to. I'll have to share it with you at another time. Right now I'm praying the Lord's will and we'll have to see how He answers before I say anything. But if you think about it, pray I get my way., no, no, I'm kidding. Pray for His will. I only want His will.
And thus concludes our good times! Well, it doesn't conclude our good times, but it does conclude this good times post!