Friday, May 21, 2010

Where Is Your Father?

Mom and I went to see daddy yesterday, who, by the way, was doing great, especially after they gave him a roast beef sandwich at 7:30 PM after not having anything all day. Before going up to his room we decided to use the public restroom there in the hospital lobby.

A woman and her two small children came in and the conversation that took place between them cracked me up.

Child #1: Mommy, can I touch the toilet?
Mommy: No, you can't touch the toilet. But you can sit on it. (how that isn't touching it, I'll never know. Anyway...)
A few minutes later...
Child #1: Mommy, did you say I can touch the toilet?
Mommy: No, I said you can not touch the toilet.
Child #1: Mommy?
Mommy: Yes?
Child #1: I touched the toilet.
Mommy: Well don't touch it again. We'll wash your hands when you're finished.
Child #1: Mommy, my shoe fell off.
Mommy: Well put it back on.
Child #1: I can't reach it.
Mommy: Why not?
Child #1: Because I'm on the toilet.
Mommy: Then put it on when you get off.
Child #1: Will my foot get dirty?
Mommy: *sigh* Don't worry about your foot. We can wash it too.
Child #2: Mommy, I can't reach the sink.
Mommy: Well, here, I'll help you.
Child #2: Am I gonna sit on the counter?
Mommy: Yes, you are going to sit on the counter. You can reach the sink better that way.
Child #2: Mommy, what's that do?
(lights go off...pitch black in the bathroom)
Mommy: Turn the light back on!
Child #1: MOMMY! IT'S DARK
Child #2: *giggle*
Child #2: Ok
(lights back on)
(lights back off)
Mommy: Stop that! Turn it back on!
(lights back on)
(lights back off)
Mommy: I am not telling you again! Turn on that light!!
(lights back on)
Child #2: You're not fun.
Child #1: Mommy, I need to wash my hands because I touched the toilet.
Mommy: Where is your FATHER??