Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Almost Time!!

So Justin's diploma cover came in the mail today. It's very nice and his diploma is sitting in it and ready to be handed to him Thursday night. Can't wait!!

I'd show a picture of it, but you know...he might see it.


Tomorrow night he will graduate from CCC. Thursday is his high school graduation and then Friday he has a Junior Senior Banquet with his friend Megan. We'll be following him down to SC to meet her parents and get some pictures. And then Saturday will be his last SIGMA banquet.
I'm a little sad about that. I feel like he just moved up to the youth group and now his time has come to move up to the College and Career. *sigh* I find myself asking where the time has gone more and more often these days. I can't believe he's finishing up so much at one time. But he's worked hard and I'm proud of him.