Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Hannah

We celebrated my baby girl's 15th birthday yesterday. Here she is at age 1. She was playing and happy and having a good time and decided to cheese it up for the camera. I love this picture of her. She was so cute!

Wow. I know, right? I look like I'm having a great time, don't I? Gotta love how a camera will grab that very moment in time you wish it hadn't. Thanks, Bruce!

But then you can always make it capture a moment you want to remember.

Hannah got this gorgeous purse from her Grandmother last night. I have to say that I love it and am feeling a wee bit jealous over it. But you know....maybe Hannah will share it with me sometime.

And she got this hot pink flute too. She was online one day and found it and had a fit over it. So Bruce told her he would buy it for her if that's what she wanted. Mom and dad wanted to go in on it too. So we ordered it and it came, but she never knew it came. We just acted as though she wasn't going to get it by her birthday. She was a happy little girl when it was time to open presents.

Big daddy....little Hannah....hot pink flute

When everyone left, I took Hannah to see her grandpa in the hospital and we snuck him a very small piece of Hannah's birthday cake. See the hope I don't get caught all over his face??
Oh yes, I haven't told you yet, have I? Daddy was taken yesterday by ambulance to the hosptial for congestive heart failure. When we went to see him last night he was sitting up in bed in his jeans and henley shirt, talking with some friends of his. He was in very good spirits, laughing and cutting up. Giving them some words of encouragement about a situation they're going through. Just being daddy. Today they are doing his dialysis at the hospital and are talking of giving him a stress test today. I really don't want them doing that today since this is his dialysis day. I'm praying they'll change their minds and do it tomorrow. We'll see.
On the way to the hosptial we were flooded by rain. It was coming down in buckets, it seemed like to me. But once the rain stopped we looked up and saw this beautiful rainbow. It reminded me of all the promises God has made and that He has never once failed to keep those promises. He is good, all the time!