Tuesday, May 25, 2010

She's Four Folks!

The ladies in our church go on visitation each week to visit the shut ins. They take them something personal that they may need or want and just visit with them, trying to encourage them and lift them up spiritually.

Mander always takes Carissa. Carissa will sing for the shut ins and they just love it. We miss visitation for school, but I'm looking forward to it this summer.

Anyway, the ladies that go on this visitation absolutely love Carissa and they planned a birthday party for her Monday, which Mander invited Hannah and I to attend. It was so fun.

I thought her cake was sweet...pun intended...since she sings to the shut ins, it said Happy Birthday Our Little Song Bird. :D

The birthday party was a surprise for Carissa. We didn't want to yell surprise and scare her, so we gently sang Happy Birthday to her. She was so shocked at first. And then the sweetest little smile crossed her face.

Mander kissed her and put her at ease and she had a GREAT time at her party.

Mrs. Gail made sure the Birthday Princess had everything she needed. Her sash, lighted birthday button, wand, and tiara.

Isn't that precious?

The Birthday Princess.

The princess giving her paw paw a hug. So sweet!

And of course she gave Hannah love too. :D

She was so funny. Everytime someone called her name, she would pose for their camera. It was really cute.

Her daddy said grace over the food and then it was time to dig in.

Me and the Princess...

The princess with her grandparents. Don't they look great in their party hats?

The ladies prepared a hot dog lunch with all the fixins. They did a fabulous job.

And Carissa ate like there was no tomorrow.

Mrs. Gail lit the candle on Carissa's cake. She did it with such ease too. ha haaaaaaaa


After birthday cake it was time to open presents. She got a new bicycle from her mom and dad!!

She jumped right on it and took off!

She was very happy!!

Then she opened gifts from the ladies. She loved everything she received. So sweet.

We bought her a Disney Princess basket for her bicycle. It came with handlebar tassles and a bell.

I love this picture of Mander. She always looks at her kids like this....ok, not always...but most of the time! :D

I moved behind Carissa to get a special shot of her, but I got so tickled at the ladies standing around watching her open gifts. I loved that so many of them had their party hats on. Isn't that sweet?

Mander, Chris, and Carissa. I hate Celine couldn't be there, but she had school.

And then we just had to get some special pictures. She was so cute. She loved having her picture taken and chose a lot of the poses herself. So funny!!

Love this one. It's my favorite. :D

But then this one is good too. LOL They were all good of her.
We had a great time at her party. I'm so glad we were able to make it.
Happy Birthday, Carissa. We love you!!