Tuesday, October 13, 2009

WOW! What a great trip! Hannah and I left Thursday with the ladies from our church and were reunited with Bruce and the boys Saturday night. We had a wonderful time visiting with Brother Mark and Mrs. Amy and their church ladies. We visited an Amish community in Ohio, and Hannah and I, along with Moriah, got to take a buggy ride in an Amish buggy. That was a lot of fun.

Hannah started getting sick on Thursday with a lot of congestion settling in her chest. She was miserable Friday night, but I think she still managed to have a good time. I took her to the doctor today. They did a breathing treatment on her and said to continue with the Mucinex she started on the trip and also prescribed an inhaler for her.

Brother Mark was our youth Pastor and now he is pastoring a church in West Virginia. His wife, Mrs. Amy, was our tour guide through Amish country. I can not tell you how wonderful it was to see them again. I really wish they were still here, but I know the Lord has them where HE wants them. But I do love them and miss their entire family so much!

Anyway, I did a picture video of our trip. The music in the background doesn't exactly go with the theme of the video, but all of the songs are being sung by Mrs. Amy. I hope you enjoy her music. That's another thing we miss down here...her beautiful piano playing and singing! I am so thankful for ipods!!! :D

Click here for the video.