Friday, October 30, 2009

The Wilderness Within

Mrs. Ava has been doing a series of a Bible study from The Wilderness Within, a book by Mrs. Beneth Peters Jones. It has been a wonderful series and it was an honor to have her with us. When she spoke to us it was something my heart needed to hear. I appreciated what she said about us as women and our wilderness within.

Here we are playing an ice breaker game. Each lady was given a small phrase from a hymn. They were suppose to find other women who also had phrases from that same song. The first group of women to get together and sing their song, won. We picked this game up at Mrs. Amy's church in West Virginia the other week.

It was good seeing Lisa and her daughter, Katie. Holly is a student at Bob Jones University and was home preparing a presentation for a class so she missed it. And we sure missed her!

Tammy gave her testimony at the meeting. I tell ya, you just never know what another person's wilderness is like. Her testimony will be with me for a very long time.

Mrs. Carolyn sang, All I Need, and did a beautiful job as always.

Then Mrs. Jones spoke. If you haven't heard of her book or you've heard of it and have not read it, you really need to get it. It brings things out about yourself that will take you by surprise and humble you to the very core. On a side note, she REALLY knows how to twitch her nose like a mouse. I have never seen anyone do that the way she can. Funny!

In case you did not know, October is National Dessert Month. Mrs. Ava had us bring in homemade desserts. There were some yummy desserts on that table too. Our ladies know their way around the kitchen!

We had several visitors and enjoyed having each one of them!

Our Pastor's son, Andy, just got married back in May. This is his Mother-in-law, Mrs. Jacobs. She is such a sweet lady. We enjoyed having her with us and hope she will join us again one day.

Me :)
Ladies were in several different rooms of the church supplying a fix for their sweet tooth. I won't dare tell you what Linda and Sandra were discussing. Sandra might hang me up by my toes. Sandra, if you're reading this, I'll be watching you Sunday if you kneel at the alter.

Two of my favorite ladies here. I love these women. They are so precious!!

This was a visitor, the caretaker to the Emory twins. She was so nice. I enjoyed meeting her.

Discussing stuff....

And Mrs. Parish! She is so fun to talk to. She has a wonderful sense of humor and smiles like that all the time!

Mrs. Hazel (left) and her cousin were there together. It's always fun seeing these two ladies.

Mrs. Marlett had some visitors with her. They were very sweet.

Tammy was telling a story about Abigale. I won't repeat the story on here, but I'm sure she'll tell you if you ask her about it. LOL

Mrs. Catfish didn't want me to take her picture but I did anyway. She's a precious Senior Saint in our church. A faithful prayer warrior. A sweet and genuine lady with some very interesting stories from her childhood.

Lisa and her beautiful daughter, Katie!

Lisa's beautiful daughter, Katie, and me!

My dear friend, Teresa, also did not want me to take her picture. But everyone knows I take my camera everywhere I go and that it is to be expected they will have their picture taken and end up on the blog! HI TERESA! :D

My darling and beautiful daughter, Hannah, Kelsey, and Teresa. Quite the three stooges here, I tell ya!

Here is Jennifer and her baby bump. Isn't she lovely? Her birthday was yesterday. Happy Birthday, Jennifer. We love you so much and appreciate everything you and Brother Jonathan do at church!

Mander's sweet Mother-in-law, Sylvia, was there. I just love her personality and enjoy seeing her when we can get together. She and I share the same birthday too. July 1st, in case you want to put that on your calendar. Just saying....

Hannah and Kendra stopped long enough to cheese for the camera. Thank you, girls! Y'all are beautiful!!

Here's the skit from the meeting. Enjoy!