Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Do You Get Upset?

I was reading my new book today and got so upset I had to stop reading it. There was an incident that took place with the main character and I was so mad at her I just wanted to whip her! So I put my book down and moved on to something else for a while. I'm over it now though, and ready to move on. Right now I have a cup of HOT apple cider cooling, my book, and a blanket. Soon I will be picking up where I left off. I sure hope she doesn't do something stupid again!!!

I had a great day today. Harrison took his first Language test for this year. It was on two units, with thirty-one questions and quite a large paragraph to rewrite correctly. I've mentioned before that he struggles with his reading, which as you know will affect everything else. I was very proud of him today. He did a super job on his test, making an eighty-two. By the way, his reading is really improving and he has taken a great interest in the books on our bookshelf. He has found a series of books that he is reading and has to give me a report on them after each one. He's doing great! I told him I'd give him five dollars if he would finish them all, but he had to report on each one. This is not a school project. Just something to keep him encouraged in reading.

Hannah is doing great in her Math. A friend in Paraguay sent us a CD Rom that goes along with her Math. There is a man that does the teaching. It has helped her a great deal!! Thank you, friend!!

Justin got home later than usual from the college tonight. He actually got home when he was suppose to, but up until now, they've let them out early. So I was a little worried, but then I heard his keys at the door and felt better. He came in ready to eat and is now on the phone with Kelsey.

Speaking of Kelsey, there's a video at the end of this post of Pure Harmony at church singing There Is A God. Love that song!!! Kelsey is the one in the middle. The other girl is Crystal and then Mark is singing lead. Love this group! Love these kids!!

Bruce and I had a good time together yesterday afternoon. I always have a good time with my sweetie pie. We didn't do anything exciting. Basically just rode around to a few different stores looking for a book he wants. But it was fun. We shared some really good laughs and conversation. I love him. :D

My apple cider is cooled enough to actually drink without scalding my entire mouth. So, goodnight, my friends! And stay warm!