Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Hannah and I will be leaving on a ladies trip tomorrow morning. We'll be going to West Virginia to visit our former Youth Pastor's wife, Mrs. Amy, and the ladies of her church. Her husband is the Pastor of a church up there now. God has blessed them. I am so looking forward to seeing them and meeting their ladies and fellowshipping with OUR ladies too!!

We'll have a ladies meeting Thursday night, then Friday we will spending time in Amish country, and then venture home on Saturday. I am looking forward to this trip because I've missed my friend, Amy, and because I have never been in Amish country. Hannah hasn't either and I think she's excited about that too.

We're looking for a time of spiritual refreshment and much needed fellowship!

Then Sunday we will be having our church's homecoming. I am looking forward to that too. So when we get home Saturday I will make something for the dinner that will follow the service. The Henson Family will be joining us that morning and we are so looking forward to seeing them. I know they'll be a blessing.

Lots of good things happening this weekend. Looking forward to it all!!!!!