Thursday, October 22, 2009

Walk By Faith, Not By Sight

My friend and X-neighbor, Lucy, asked daddy to speak for her support group she heads up. It is for the blind and those who are going blind. And she asked our little family to sing for them. Bruce worked third last night and wasn't home until almost noon, so he missed going with us, but the kids and I went and had a really good time. I can not say enough what a blessing it was to be around these sweet people!! I would like to go back and visit with them again. Lord willing, we'll be able to do that.

Daddy was speaking on having no fear. That we walk by faith and not by sight. Of course, presenting God's love and the gospel in the process.

I wish I had thought to take pictures. I know, right? Me? Forget to take pictures? Yes, I really did!!! I even had my camera. I did get one of daddy but it wasn't good at all. So no one will be seeing that one.

When we came home we discovered our neighbor's dog had killed our other neighbor's dog. It was not a pretty sight. Poor little poodle was thrown around like a rag doll. These things happen, though. Justin wrapped it up in a towel and took it over to it's owner. She cried and cried. I told mom she was crying like one of her kids had gotten shot. But she said she had him for eleven years. And I know a lot of people love their pets like they ARE their children. I felt bad for her, she was hurting so deeply.

So that was our day. I have a Microsoft party to go to tonight. I hope Bruce will be able to make it to that. As I said before, he worked over this morning and wasn't home until almost noon. He was going to cut his mom's grass today, but I guess that's out today since I haven't heard a peep out of him. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

Please pray for Bruce's cousin, Cathy. She had heart surgery this morning in Charlotte. I haven't heard anything from the family yet. Cathy is a good Christian girl. Her brother Ricky was the one that passed away earlier this year while he was preaching a funeral. After various testing, they discovered that Cathy has the same heart disease her brother had. I hope this surgery will be very beneficial to her. We love her very much!!

Here are a couple of videos of the kids and me singing at the support group today.

Between You and Me

Thank You, Lord