Friday, March 4, 2011

Serving the Ushers

Brother Jr and Mrs. Debra always give a dinner for the ushers each year. Since Justin is a jr usher, we were invited to join in on the festivities. We always have a good time of food, fellowship, and fun!

One of Shelby's finest officers right here. LOL

Mrs. Debra is here with her handsome grandson, whom we just don't get to see enough of. He's a terrific young man.

Some of the ladies helped serve our dinner of beef and pork bbq, with red slaw, and chips.

Mrs. Katherine was at the end of the serving table.

Mrs. Reba enjoying some fellowship. :)

There was a lot of laughing going on at this table and Cammy was right in on it. I love to hear her laugh. She's so sweet.

When we were finished eating, Brother John O' gave a message...the best message really I've ever heard...about ushers. Great job, Brother O'!

Brother Jr asked Brother Arnold to the dinner and it is always an honor just to be in his presence. He is truly a man of God and loved by everyone. In the, almost ten years, we've been at Faith, I've heard him only say a handful of words. But when he does, he pours out wisdom and teaching. Last night he said something for all of us to think about, that when you pray for your pastor you begin to criticize him less and love him more. And when you pray for your church you begin to criticize it less and love it more.

One of our deacon's wives. Sweet lady right here!

Brother Doug and his wife, Mrs. Lucille. I love these people!!!! They are so kind.

Brother and Sister Leonhart. Now these two people are funny! We have a lot of good laughs when we're together.

Our sweet and very talented piano player. :)

LOL...Brother Street is gonna get me for this one.

Brother Mike playing the Minute to Win It game. This is Harrison's Sunday School teacher. Harrison loves his class.
OK, the object of this game is to get the cracker from your forehead and into your mouth without touching it. You have to work it down with your face muscles. This was the most HILARIOUS game to watch. If the cracker fell (which several of them did) you had to start over with another.

Brother John O' looked like a pirate here. hahaha

Pastor Goodman and Mrs. Ava were in on the fun too. It won't be long and their first grandchild will be here. Won't he be proud of his grandparents? haha

And these are the champions, my

Justin, Jayme, and Brother Johnny.

Thank you, Brother Jr and Mrs. Debra. Y'all are a blessing and, as usual, we had a fantastic time!