Thursday, March 24, 2011

See Ya Later!

Here's a few of my favorite shots from the wedding last weekend. Brother Ronn and Mrs. Gayle were so happy. Mrs. Amy and her sister in law, Laura, did a fantastic job on the reception decorations.

These were the favors that were passed out. Brother Ronn and Mrs. Gayle love their coffee. So inside each small, brown bag, was a pack of coffee. On the front of their bag was a picture from their engagement shoot we like to call "Carolina Gothic" and it says "A Perfect Blend." Very cute idea.

The rest of these are the ones that just make me smile.
Here you see Abby peeking around Aunt Amy just before coming down the isle.

The cutie pie ring bearer with the flower girls as the adults smile and think how cute they are.

Brother Mark making a joke and causing Mrs. Gayle to lean back in laughter.

The grandsons of the bride looking, oh so innocent, after making her break in laughter.

A stubborn Abby, whose last several pictures were the exact same pose.

Sweet....just makes me smile. :)

Loving on Papa.

The ever crazy grandsons. Jordan just would not behave!

She got him, folks!

The lovely cake.

The happy, dancing *other* Gail.

Not a fan of slicing through that cake....

No, they didn't shove it in each other's face. And I'm so glad. But they did have an interesting time feeding each other. O_o

Sitting on the makeshift front porch.

Birdseed? What? No way. Let's kill 'em with silly string. That's way more fun.

Mrs. Gayle told him to lift her veil for a kiss. haha

What a fun wedding!! I do believe the bride and groom had a very good day. I haven't tried sharing a link from KLM's facebook page, but you should be able to CLICK HERE to see more pics.
After I finish this post I'll be packing my bags to leave for a ladies conference. We always have a great time on these trips and I'm really looking forward to it. It's my understanding that we have a pretty good crowd going this time. I'm glad.
Justin got a job working second shift at a place just five minutes from our house. The Lord sent that to him just in time. Right now it is temporary, but could open up permanently for him in June. We're praying about that. He's still putting in his applications and resumes in at fire stations. He would really love it if something would open up right here at the department he volunteers for. But the Lord knows his heart and his desires. So he's just waiting patiently for something to open.
We had a teacher's workday today. More like a teacher's playday. Hannah, Harrison, and I went to pick up some picture orders, had lunch out, and did some fun shopping for spring and Easter. We had a good time. I loved spending that time with them. They are two great kids, if I do say so myself!
And thus concludes this post. Gonna go pack now. Hope everyone has a good weekend. See ya later!