Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Griffins

This is Brother Leroy and Sister Joyce Griffin. They are missionaries and, Lord willing, going to Montana in May. They will be helping pastors out there, encouraging them and helping in their churches with evangelism and tract ministries. They are the nicest couple!!

They were wanting some pictures for their new prayer cards and I was glad to offer my lens. We had a nice morning, but a little chilly. Poor Mrs. Joyce did some shivering, but she survived. They were good sports considering the walking we did.
They'll be having a yard sale this Saturday, March 19, and the money they raise will be going toward their trip to Montana. So if you live in the area and want to help them, stop by their yard sale. There will be two other families with them and also they will be selling construction items from their former business.
The yard sale will be at 2338 Flinthill Church Road, Boiling Springs, and begins at 7:00 in the former Griffin Choice Buildings shop.

Please pray for the Griffins. This has not been an easy road for them, although they have some great stories to tell about their road trips and how the Lord has proivded for them each mile of the way.
Love you, Brother Leroy and Mrs. Joyce. Thank you for letting me take your pics.