Monday, March 28, 2011


We had a wonderful time at the Women of Honor Ladies Conference at the Bright Light Baptist Church in Concord, North Carolina. The Pastor and his wife there are Brother Ronnie and Frances Simpson. We heard some of the finest speakers I've ever heard. Each one bringing something new to the table. They did not plan their lessons around each other, but God sure did plan them and they were fantastic. I know I brought some things home that will be with me for a very long time. The music was outstanding and the fellowship with my sisters in Christ was incredible. I can't wait for next year's meeting!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mrs. Rebecca has asked me several times to speak to her bus ministry class of teenagers. This Saturday I will be doing that. She asked that the subject be on grace, to go along with the lessons she has been teaching. If I have ever experienced grace it has certainly been within the last year. But I wasn't sure of which direction to take *grace.* Sitting here tonight thinking and praying over it, the Lord confirmed something in my heart and I'll share that with you all later. But please pray the Lord will use it Saturday to His glory. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We had a great service today. I heard the morning service was good. I was in nursery with some of the sweetest little angels this side of Heaven. Then tonight we had Brother Clint and Donna Kearns from Brother Sammy Allen's church here with us. I have a lot of their music on my iPod and we enjoy listening to them often. It was so good to hear them in person tonight and my-oh-my, what a blessing!! I was speaking to someone after church and we both felt the Heavens were going to open and we'd be caught up in the sky at any moment. That obviously didn't happen. But you know what? It still could happen any moment. God's people are seeing other people saved over and over again. We're meeting in prayer and praise and God is coming back! I hope you're ready.