Thursday, July 23, 2009

Loads of Pics!!!

Our teens attended a youth rally at Cornerstone last weekend. I picked Kelsey and her sister, Mady, up for the youth rally and we met everyone there. It was really good. One of the best I've been to!
Kelsey and Justin
Jeremy, Justin C, Jamie C, and Caleb R!

Kendra and Kelsey!

Brother Bo!

Brother Bo had the youth Pastors come up without their socks and shoes and had everyone vote for the one they thought had the most beautiful feet.

The poor guys had to stand up there with their feet exposed, but I must say they handled it quite nicely.

Each row of pews walked by the........contestants.........looking and gawking at hairy, man-feet!

The King James 1611 Boys were there to sing. They were great, as always!

The church was divided between two teams. The Red team and the Blue team. We were on the Red team.
It must be nice to have a dad so tall....hehe

After the cheers, they announced the Beautiful Feet winner. It was our very own Brother RJ! Look at that face. Doesn't he look proud? I know we were. Yes, we were proud that our Youth Pastor took home the Beautiful Feet award. A gift certificate to a shoe store. Our Youth Pastor, Brother RJ, has the most beautiful feet between here and 200 miles to Georgia. I say that because there was a Youth Pastor there with his church that had driven 200 miles to be there. So yeah!

Gettin' ready to start the service!

A few of our people took home door prizes.

A group from Brother Bo's church sang and they were really good. I enjoyed them very much!

On Monday, Hannah, Harrison, and I left with Kendra, Jordan, and Janet to Tennessee. Here they are on the front porch of a rest stop. LOL

I have no idea what this is, but like Dee Dee said, if I were the artist I would have named this Bad Hair Day.

We stayed on the campground where Janet's parents keep their camper. There were cabins we stayed in just above the river. They were really nice and a great place to just unwind and relax.

Monday night we met up with Brother Johnny and his family and Brother Wayne and Mrs. Vickie at the camper and cooked out for supper.
Baby Darlin' enjoyed resting on her mama's lap. How peaceful is that?
Brother Wayne grilled the steaks and chicken and Mrs. Vickie stewed the taters. Everything was delish!
Harrison's steak was so good he didn't even bother cutting it!
Baby Girl was busy playing in Brother Wayne's water pump. She kept telling her daddy that she was dirty and needed to wash. hehe
It was a great time of fellowship. We had fun.
Brother Johnny had Baby Darlin' crackin' up. How sweet is that smile!

Mrs. Vickie was busy in and out entertaining. She's so sweet!!

We played this game of bean bag toss. It's sort of like horse shoes, only more fun.

Look who's stylin' with her shades!

Tuesday morning waited for Harrison to cast his rod for the very first time. I do believe he loved the fishing more than anything. He never caught anything, but he had a good time.

Jordan enjoyed his time fishing too!!

While Kendra, Hannah, and Harry went swimming, Janet, Jordan, and I played Prison Rummy. Jordan decided we weren't going to keep score, so I have no idea who won. I'm pretty sure it was Janet, though.

Harrison was having a ball when we got to the pool. He wanted me to take a pic of him jumping in. So here it is.....

Kendra and Hannah did some action poses for me too.


After supper Tuesday night, the children wanted to fish a little more before starting a fire and eating s'mores. Hannah placed the worm on Harrison's hook, but she did NOT like doing that. She was very disturbed by all the wiggling and knowing the hook had to hurt the little guys.

But she was a trooper and did it anyway.

Look at Janet....all ready to start the fire. She's a pyromaniac, I tell ya!

Hannah's fiery marshmallows!

Mmmm, S'mores!

Mmmm, toasty!

Mmmm, hot and toasty!

More chocolate, Mrs. Janet! More chocolate!!!

There was a forgotten bag of trash left at the bottom of the steps. When Janet walked out to do something, she proceeded down the steps and in the dark she saw a white tail raise from the trash. If you look closely, you can see a skunk. I've never known Janet to move so quickly, but those little legs FLEW back into the cabin!

We had talked about going to Dollywood, but we were having just as much fun riding the little shoe and truck at the bath house. We spent a lot of quarters on those rides, but we saved a bundle by staying there at the campground.

When we left Wed afternoon, Brother Wayne and Mrs. Vickie wanted us to try a restaurant called the Gondalier. The pizza was SUPERB and the dessert of Raspberry and white chocolate cake was unbelievable!
Look at Mrs. Vickie. She loves this place so much she took home a pizza box as a souveniour.
We had a great time and did nothing at all but relax and take it easy. It was wonderful. It was glorious. I could definitely do that again!