Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

This is my birthday post, but I'm sharing it with Hannah's friend, Kendra. :)
Kendra is a younger model of her mother. She is 13 and sassy. And we love her!!!!!

We celebrated her birthday at Fatz last week and had a great time!


Kendra's mom, Mrs. Janet!

And Hannah's mom, me. LOL I kept looking at this picture trying to figure out what that hair ball was on my head. It was actually the waitress walking behind me. HA!

We had a great lunch and from what I understand Kendra had a long, several days of celebrating. One day with her mother having her nails done, a day with me and Hannah, a great meal with all of her family on Sunday....and who knows what else. Now that's the way to celebrate!!!
Kendra, you're a sweet girl and we love you bunches. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!
My birthday is today. Yep....I'm thirty-eight.

Besides a wallet full of cash (yippee) Bruce gave me a birthday dinner Saturday with my parents and his mom. It was really good! Steak, loaded taters, and salad. He grilled the steaks to perfection!

My dear mother-in-law, Marie.

My darling hubby cutting my cake.

My darling hubby eating the cake.

And of course he said we needed cheesecake. He said to enjoy it because not every year would we see cheesecake and birthday cake....this year he was just feeling saucy. hehe

Marie gave me this great pocketbook and some spending money. (Yippee!)

Me and my parents....they gave me some personal items and more cash. (Yippee!) And today they're bringing me some of my dad's most awesome bbq chicken wings. Oh mercy....they are soooooo good!

And a little kissy-kissy with my hubster.

After dinner and gifts, we sat down to watch the picture video Bruce did for me.

It was so sweet, the pictures he had on the video.

This morning, I received a phone call from my dad at 5:15, on his way to dialysis, wishing me a Happy Birthday. Wasn't that thoughtful. *rolling eyes* lol
And then Bruce woke me up to these beautiful mini roses, a couple of my favorite snacks, and a very sweet card with one of his Brucey poems written inside.

Bruce's Poem:
She walks in pure beauty and light....
...she's made this way.
Her visage springs forth upon an inner sight...'s her I need every day.
She flies upon thoughts only I know...
...mine she is forever.
Where she is, I am, or there I'll go....
....without her I can be - never.
A day upon days as special as this....
...a celebration of her life.
Eternities I wait between each kiss.... life, my love, my wife.
Now how sweet is that????