Saturday, May 30, 2009

Youth Ralley with Brother Mark Stroud

Last night we went to a youth ralley at the Gaffney High Sch*ol to hear Brother Mark Stroud. I'll admit that I felt the devil did not want us there. But I also made up my mind that God did want us there and that was that. lol

It was kind of last minute finding out about this youth ralley so unfortunately only a few of our teens were able to make it. I wish more could have been there, but they had other obligations.

This youth ralley was put together by a few student* that attend Gaffney High Sch*ol. They were burdened for their sch*ol and began praying each morning. The Lord gave them a vision for a youth ralley so, one of the student* went to her Pastor (Pastor Phillips) and asked if he could help them get that going. And so he did. The sch*ol allowed the student* to use the auditorium and they invited the sch*ol to attend, along with many local churches. The Phillips family sang last night and Brother Mark Stroud preached. They'll have Brother Joe Arthur tonight and another family group singing. I'm sure it will be wonderful.

Seven teenagers accepted Christ last night and one young man was called to preach. And the Lord allowed me to help lead a young lady, about the age of fifteen, to Him. Her name was Sarah. What a blessing! And she was why God wanted us there. Amen? AMEN! :)

You can go here to see pics from the youth ralley.