Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Celine's Graduation

Y'all know Celine is the little sweetie pie I babysat for a couple of years. She's a part of our lives...our family...and we love her to pieces!! We were proud to attend her Kindergarten graduation at her Christian school this past weekend.

Celine's sister, Carissa, was being her usual goofy self. Gotta love this kid. She has more sass than any child I know. She's a riot! We planned for Celine to stay with us next week and Carissa let it be known, under no uncertain terms, that she would be coming too. So we're looking forward to having them both here with us.

This is Brother Robins, Celine's principal

Here she comes!!

The children lined up for the pledges and were very sweet. Bruce and I were impressed at how smoothly the graduation went. Their teacher obviously worked very hard with them!

Jake used to go to our church. It was nice seeing him and his family there. Jake is hilarious too. He says some crazy stuff sometimes.

This is Julie. Julie goes to our church too. And yes, she is also hilarious, just like her mother. She was the only child during the opening prayer that kept her eyes closed the entire time. I know, because I looked. hehe Anyway, look at this angelic child. Remember this picture.

Celine got up and counted to 100 by 2's. She did a fantastic job!!

The children went off the platform to get their cap and gowns on. I got tickled when I turned around and saw all the dads and grandpas up with their cameras and video cameras. Isn't that sweet?

There she is....the little graduate. Isn't she cute?

This is Brother Griffith, the Pastor of the church where Celine attends school.

Waiting for their names to be called...

I couldn't get a good picture of Celine receiving her diploma, but that's her....I promise.

And there she is, diploma in hand. It's official...only twelve more years to go now. :)


The children demonstrated things you could do with your diploma beisdes scrapbook it or hang it on a wall.

Celine's teacher

Remember Julie, the angelic child that kept her eyes closed during the opening prayer? This is her during the closing prayer. She's the one blowing in her classmate's ear. ha haaaaa.....KIDS!!!!

Time for the reception!

Celine with her parents, Chris and Amanda (Mander)

Celine and Harrison

All of my babes....aren't they great?

Celine opened a card from her grandparents and was happy to see the green stuff fall out.

And then she opened our card.

Happy again to see more green stuff!!

When her mom asked her what she wanted for graduation, all she asked for was a bag of twizzlers and a big, giant Hershey bar. So her mom got her the Hershey bar and we bought her the twizzlers. Sweets for the sweet.

When we first started babysitting Celine, she was very timid around Bruce until he came home from work one morning and offered her a handful of cheerios. She's been his buddy ever since. When he would come home from work, she would want him to carry her around. It was so precious.

We are very proud of Celine and we love her so much!
Congratulations, Celine! You're a doll!!