Monday, May 11, 2009

A Happy Mother's Day, 2009

My Mother's Day began on Saturday. Bruce was going to pick up lunch for us after church Sunday morning since our mothers were coming over to eat with us. But I decided I would cook for them instead. So I began cooking Saturday night. On the menu were Pork chops, slowly cooked in the crock pot, Cheesy potatoes Au Gratin, Southern style green beans, buttered bbq bread, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, sliced watermelon, and cherry cheesecake and brownies for dessert. I gotta tell was mighty tasty!

Well, anyway, I said my Mother's Day started Saturday...and it did. My brother called while I was cooking and asked if he could come over for a minute. He had just finished visiting with our mom and wanted to stop by on his way home.

He brought me this beautiful green bag filled with all of these wonderful items for a Mother's Day gift. Ahhhhh....don't you just love it. I smelled sooooo good come Sunday morning! And I have some new cosmetics bags now. Mine were becoming quite worn!

Bruce took my picture in front of this verse that Mrs. Ava painted on the wall upstairs at church. That's a good verse for Mother's Day, isn't it?

My Mommy....on Mother's Day! Don't you love her flower?

We had a wonderful service at church Sunday morning and then it was back home for Mother's Day festivities!
I had our mother's gift bags sitting at their seats at the table. My dear mother-in-law just couldn't stand it!! She does love a present!

Yes, this is my mother...crying behind her card after reading the first few words.

We started our moms a collection of the Willow Tree figurines. I chose the Welcoming Angel for my mom. She's holding a pineapple, which is something my mom loves in decorating.

I chose "Love" for Marie. She's holding a long stem rose. Both figurines are so pretty. I think I need to start me a collection of them. :)

My children gave me a UNC pocketbook and on the inside were two girlie flicks, and new thingy for my ipod so I can listen to it in the car. I was sooooo happy!!! No doubt the purse was in light of the Tar Heels championship this year! Whoooop!

And this was the cheesecake....doesn't it look yummy? There were leftovers from everything I made on the menu....except this. I sure would like a slice of that right. Oh well.