Monday, May 25, 2009

Dippity Dawg

Sam before....

Sam after....

Mander told me about a place uptown called Dippity Dawg. It's a dog grooming spa and salon where you can make an appointment to have your dog groomed, or you can just come in on your own and do it yourself, no appointment necessary.
My mother-in-law's dog needed to be groomed and since her dog groomer wouldn't return her call, Bruce decided to pick Sam up Saturday and groom him himself.

Patty, the owner of the establishment, showed Bruce all around the shop, what to do, and all the equipment. She was such a nice lady!

Bruce started cutting Sam's hair and Sam acted as though he were very happy to get it all cut off. He sat there, just like in this picture, the entire time Bruce was clipping away. Patty has aprons there too so you don't get covered in hair and water while you're grooming your pet.

The clippers were hooked up to a vac so while Bruce clipped, Sam's hair was sucked up into a box. Patty had to clean out the box before Bruce was finished clipping. He had sooooo much hair. Sam....that is. hehe

After the first cut, it was time for a bath. You could use the shampoo there in the tub or she had tear free shampoo you could use.

He seemed to enjoy the bath all right.

I thought the noise from the blow dryers would scare him, but he did good. And even Harrison was able to join in on the grooming process.

After his bath, Bruce ran the clippers over Sam one more time to smoothe out his coat and then trimmed his nails. I think trimming his nails was his least favorite part of the whole grooming experience. But even through that, he was good.

Bruce sprayed a little doggie cologne on Sam and he was ready to go back home to see my mother-in-law.
I liked Dippity Dawg because of the convenience. Sure you have to drive your pet there. Big deal. Everything you need to groom your dog is at your finger tips for a fraction of what it would cost if you had someone do it for you. AND! Patty cleans up your mess when you're finished!! The grand total for our do-it-yourself day was $19.00. Not bad!